Is Your Team Ready For the Summer?

Is Your Team Ready For the Summer?

Here comes summer! Everyone is getting ready to make memories and enjoy the season. Everybody is out and about, giving businesses plenty of opportunities for boosting sales. Now, the question is: are you ready for summer?

It’s not enough to just be open for business during the summer. You need to give customers a fun summer experience that will make them want to come back regardless of the season. Here are some things you can do to get your team ready for the summer:

Snazzy Summer Attire

Snazzy Summer Attire | Is Your Team Ready For the Summer?

Show your summer spirit by setting the mood, starting with your business uniforms. Changing you uniforms seasonally can benefit both your overall business, but most importantly your employees. They would feel much more comfortable, if you take into consideration the seasonal changes, when designing their uniforms.

The summer vibe should be present in all aspects of your business, not just in your decor and promotions. A summer uniform is a simple but effective way of getting everyone in the store, including your customers, in the summer mood. It can be as simple as a branded t-shirt, polo shirt, or blouse.

Working during the summer can be a harrowing experience, especially if your store doesn’t have air conditioning. Give your summer team functional but fashionable summer uniforms. They would enable them to perform their best, while still looking summer appropriate.

A fun tip for your summer uniform: Add a fun but appropriate cap. Personalised caps are great for summer weather, especially if your employees need to do errands or other business-related activities outside your shop. It will shield their eyes from the sun and help them regulate their body temperature.

Reaching the Summer Crowd

Reaching the Summer Crowd | Is Your Team Ready For the Summer?

Give people a reason to come into your store during the summer. Create summer campaigns that will draw in the summer crowd and make you stand out from your competitors.

Here are some simple but effective strategies you can incorporate in your summer marketing:

  • Take note of any local events in your neighbourhood. Try participating in some of them by becoming a sponsor or concessionaire. It will definitely help to spread the word about your brand.
  • Set up a sidewalk sale outside your shop. Customers on a walk, enjoying the sun, can stop by to check out and buy your merchandise.
  • Offer customers a free cold beverage. The summer heat can be daunting. Freshly made lemonade, iced tea, or even chilled water bottles will quench their thirst and keep them hydrated.

Marketing Materials Makeover

Marketing Materials Makeover | Is Your Team Ready For the Summer?

This season is a great time to freshen up your summer promotions. Work with your marketing team or freelance graphic designer on updating the look on all your collaterals. This includes your website, as well as print ads like flyers and posters, and outdoor advertisements.

Impress your customers by giving your collaterals a fresh new colour palette, new visuals, and layouts. You can even use contemporary summer prints to really bring the summer vibe to all your advertisements.

Use these promotions in your summer campaigns to advertise your summer sales, deals, and events.

Summer Decor

Summer Decor | Is Your Team Ready For the Summer?

Jazz up your store by setting up summer decorations. They are going to improve the ambience and entice customers to come inside your store. You can put up signs and panels of summer items around the store. If you prefer to keep things simple, perhaps you can stick summer-themed window stickers on in your storefront.

Be Prepared

Be Prepared | Is Your Team Ready For the Summer?

Before executing any of your summer marketing activities, make sure everything is prepared in advance. Have all your supplies and equipment at the ready. Check if anything in your store needs to be repaired or upgraded.

You also need to train your summer team. Teach them how to entice the vacationing crowd and how to provide them with prime customer service.

The summer season is filled with opportunity for business. Preparing your business and your summer team will help them to attract the biggest tourist crowds.