How To Know Which Paper Type Suits Your Business Best

How To Know Which Paper Type Suits Your Business Best

First impressions are so important and can completely change the success of a marketing campaign. That is why its so important to present your print correctly to give a professional quality feel to match your content.

Five simple and important rules to follow:
1. Silk or matt for a classy finish 
2. Gloss for images or visual print 
3. Uncoated if it will be written on or for a form 
4. Heavier paper weights for a strong message 
5. Lamination for a durable print

Don’t underestimate the importance of the look and feel of your company’s printed brochure, and the impact that it can have.

To have a brochure printed on 135gsm gloss, will subconsciously give off the impression of a budget campaign – perfect if you are sending a catalogue filled with images and discount deals. However if you are producing a brochure introducing your company or marketing your exclusive hotel & spa you would be much better suited with silk text pages (inside) and matt lamination cover.

Present your print how you would present yourself. Professionally.

If you are unsure which paper type will suit your print best, feel free to get in touch, we are more than happy to advise and make sure you have the best looking print to showcase your business!