Know your hand sanitisers: Which one is the best?

Know your hand sanitisers: Which one is the best?

The coronavirus has forced us all to re-evaluate what it means to stay safe and what measures should be taken to slow its spread: Working from home, wearing masks and of course, better hand hygiene. 

We constantly touch everything, everywhere, and because of this hands have become a major carrier of bacteria and, consequently, disease. Even official organisations such as the “World Health Organisation” have given strict hand washing instructions to get us through the day.

However, it can be quite impractical for visitors. Can they easily access the bathroom? This is not necessarily the case, especially for retail stores. Yet, customers will look at products, pick up some and maybe put some back again. This is one of the reasons why sanitisers have become so important and especially popular these past few months.

Hand sanitisers should always contain more than 60% of ethanol in the composition. Such a level of alcohol in the solution ensures the maximum amount of bacteria is killed. With a multitude of choices, however, it can be difficult to navigate and know which one is best adapted to your situation. 

Follow this guide to learn which are the best hand sanitisers to wash your hands with!

The best sanitiser for retail stores

Hand sanitiser gels are especially useful for retail businesses. They are perfect to leave at a store entrance for everybody to use since they don’t make much of a mess. You can place a large bottle of hand sanitiser for better efficiency since one quick pump from visitors will suffice. With a bit of sanitiser now in their hands, they only need to rub them together, no rinse is needed here and the 70% alcohol solution makes sure customers’ hands are now germ free. So now everyone can roam around the shop safely!

The best sanitiser for the reception and high traffic zones

Sanitising wipes are perfect for companies with a reception or high traffic areas. You don’t want your business to have a needless queue, only because each person needs to get their share. Therefore, it can be a good idea to leave a bowl full of hand sanitising wipes at the reception or other strategic locations. Close to the coffee machine, to the drinking fountain, or the office resident problem solver. This way, people can just grab individually packaged wipes and use it on the way. 

Also containing 70% of alcoholic solution, it is a quick and convenient solution to stay safe from the coronavirus.

The best hand sanitisers for personal use

You want your hand sanitiser to be practical. It will be your best friend soon, giving you support at all times and in all places. Unlike your best-friend though, it is essential for it to be easy to carry around.

A small format of 100ml makes it easily transportable and they are very easy to find in your bag! They come in many different forms:

The classical format for a disinfectant. With 70% of alcohol in a 100ml plastic bottle, its germ-killing properties make it a great tool to have. Simply put a drop the size of a chestnut of the solution in your hands, rub them together, and you’re all set!

An even more compact option to simply put in your pocket: the sanitising spray card. Its credit card format carries 16ml of alcoholic solution (62% concentration). The most practical product, perfect for smaller outings, and still leaves your hands balmy and germ free.

  • Gel with Aloe vera

Get the extra care you deserve with aloe vera! Because disinfecting your hands so often can make them dry, this gel contains aloe vera, known for its hydrating properties. Composed of 75% ethanol, 99,99% of bacteria and germs will be killed instantly! Furthermore, its 100ml pocket size ensures you can take it everywhere with you.

  • Liquid sanitiser

A liquid sanitiser is a good alternative to gel. The effect of disinfection is immediate, within a few seconds. 75% alcohol content for maximum effect for everyday use. Come in a 100ml format, a smart size for pockets or handbags.

  • Sanitising spray

Also coming with a 75% alcoholic solution, this 50ml hand sanitiser spray is very useful. Simple to quickly spray on your hands before rubbing them together, they ensure they are correctly disinfected! Its format makes it easy to store in any bag, even a small, classy one!

Whether you are part of a corporation or the head of a small business, you can be sure to find what is best suited for you. You may want to protect thousands of employees, or only ten, or maybe even just yourself. For every need, there is the perfect hand sanitiser!

Was this article useful? Do you have any other thoughts on the best hand sanitisers? Which is best for you? Let us know in the comments below!