A leap into the world of Promo Items

A leap into the world of Promo Items

The first imprinted promotional product was used by George Washington – commemorative buttons for his presidential campaign! It might just be possible that his place in history is not a coincidence. 

Promotional merchandise has proven to be the most powerful and cost effective marketing tool. Despite being a traditional marketing medium, promotional products have always been a trend and are the preferred brand marketing tool for start-ups, small-large businesses, institutions, organisations and non-profits alike. This is the only advertising medium capable of engaging all five senses, which may explain its longevity in the industry After all, when you give away promotional gifts, whether that be special stationary or unique corporate products, you remind your clients and customers of your local value through a budget-friendly strategy. That’s why investing in personalised company gifts is one of the best approaches your network can consider.

Some industry stats
– £966,440,000 total distributor turnover in UK & Ireland 
– 9% of the market is for distributors moving <£250k 
– 73% of people use a promotional product at least once a week, 45% once a day 
– 58% of people will keep a promotional item for 1-4 years! 

Clearly, the best promotional products last the longest. This means no brittle bottle openers that break after the first use! Make sure to represent yourself with a gift that keeps on giving; take a look at our recent product launch. With our new and improved selection, there’s a gift for every occasion – Including thoughtful items such as elegant engraved pens, convenient card holders, and even branded shower speakers, to make sure your brand is inescapable.

Our extensive range covers all sorts of niche multimedia and electronics for the techies, traveling products for you globetrotters out there, and toolkits for those who like to get down and dirty. There is also stationary to help coordinate your work day, party supplies for children and adults alike and home and leisure items to match. When in need, we have giveaway items of all kinds, car accessories to ride in style, plush toys for the softer moments in life and adventure & outdoor items to keep cool things cold and hot things hot. You could even surprise your employees with handy cutlery and utensils to remind them not to bite the hand that feeds them, and of course there is so much more. There is literally too much to mention, so why go anywhere else when there is more to explore?

(stats from BPMA)