How to make your own gift vouchers online and for free

As an entrepreneur, having gift vouchers is a big must. With these, you can increase the number of customers you have, and make sure your current customers keep coming back. At Helloprint you can easily make your gift vouchers yourself. And designing it is completely free!

Why make a gift voucher yourself?

It’s always a great idea to give away discount coupons or to sell gift cards, and allow your regular customers to give a gift voucher to a friend, colleague or relative! It’s clear that a gift voucher has added value for many entrepreneurs. However, if you’re not the best at using design applications, and don’t want to spend money on a designer, things suddenly get quite difficult.

In this case, the free design tool by Helloprint is the ideal solution. With the design tool, you can easily make your own gift vouchers for free! In addition, you can add your own logo, or make own if you don’t yet have one.

How to design a gift voucher?

Before you get to designing you have to first decide on a type of voucher. There are a couple of choices you have: holiday vouchers, seasonal, voucher during a certain period, birthday gift voucher. Of course, you can give out even more vouchers randomly and without a theme.

However, if you decide to create your vouchers around a specific event, try to portray the event through the vouchers. For instance, if you are doing a summer 30% off for your loyal client, make the voucher feel exclusive and summery with the colouring, you can use bright summery colours and luxurious thick card stock.

Make sure you include your branding in the voucher. Place you logo on a prominent place and use colours that are in harmony with your branding. We would not recommend to use too many words. A simple headline and an explanation on how to use the voucher in tiny print on the bottom is enough.

Examples of designing a gift voucher

Make a gift voucher yourself

Inspired? Did you know you can order gift vouchers of the highest possible quality from Helloprint? And that we do it for the lowest price in the UK?

On our gift voucher design page you will have an easy time designing. You can easily add your own picture, or you can choose from one of thousands of free photos. Additionally, you can add your own logo and edit all text. You will directly be able to see what your gift voucher will look like.

You also have the option of two types of paper, writable and glossy. We would recommend to choose the writable paper, if you intend to write personal messages to your customers. Writable paper is also convenient, if you want to purchase a lot of vouchers and use them in different periods during the year, you will have the option to give out a 10 % discount in the summer and a 25% discount in the winter, for instance.

If you are planning on giving out vouchers for exclusive loyal customers, you can choose glossy paper, it will give off a luxurious feel and will make your customers feel very special.  After you select all your voucher specifications, simply order and you’ll be handing out your first gift vouchers within a few days with our quick delivery service!

Already have a design for your gift vouchers? No problem! Go straight to the gift vouchers page and simply order!