Business and Growth Tips

Business and Growth Tips

January is a full month of preparation at Helloprint. We want to be ready as soon as it gets busy again, so we’re doing everything we can to make sure our next season is a success.

Do you prepare much for your upcoming business season? Here’s a handy suggestion on how to prepare well and boost your sales this season.

Often when people are looking for a product, they only have one product in mind, and don’t always think about the other possibilities of what else they could have. For example, a small business owner comes to you wanting to print a rollup banner for an upcoming promotion. At this point you could either proceed to sell them a roll up banner and they’ll be on their way, or you can take a moment to show them what other possibilities there are to make sure their promotion is a huge success. Let them imagine a colourful beach flag outside their business, with printed balloons, or give away printed pens.

The best way to upsell is to have some physical samples available to show your customers, and even if they only add one extra product to their order, you’ll find that over time these small additions go a long way for your turnover. Next time, they’ll want those items as standard, and you can offer a different product again.

So be prepared this season; choose a nice design and order some products that you can use to grow the number of products your customers order. With over 150+ products, there’s always something your customers will benefit from.

Your customer will be happy that you helped them with their promotion, and will definitely be back again soon.