Our Pick: Best Gadgets 2024

Our Pick: Best Gadgets 2024

Over the last year, the tech scene has soared to new heights. From portable power banks, wireless chargers, and unique USB sticks to mobile phone accessories and speakers, our hand-picked selection of personalised gadgets and technology promises to impress customers, clients, and colleagues alike. Let’s unveil our top 5 cutting-edge gadgets!

Starting at number 5, our Wireless Bamboo Charger Alarm Clock. This sleek and eco-friendly alarm clock doubles as a wireless phone charger, crafted from natural bamboo materials. Simply set your alarm and place your phone on top for a fully charged morning. Personalise it with your company’s logo, ensuring your brand is the first and last thing they see each day.

Sliding into number 4 is our environmentally conscious Magnus Eco Speaker. Made from a fusion of bamboo and black slate, this Bluetooth speaker not only delivers impressive sound quality, but also effortlessly complements any space. Seamlessly connect it to your laptop, tablet, or phone for an immersive audio experience.

At number 3 is the USB Pen – a combination of classic elegance and modern technology. Available in three vibrant colours, this pen cleverly conceals a USB chip, ensuring that you’re always equipped with both a writing instrument and handy storage.

Number two is our Solar Power Bank, a game-changer for gadget enthusiasts who prioritise sustainability. Crafted from bamboo and packaged with 100% recycled FSC-certified materials, this power bank is an essential companion for on-the-go adventures, guaranteeing that you’re always connected.

Finally, our crowned champion of 2023, number one is the Wheat Straw Wireless Headphones. Offering superior comfort, durability, and eco-friendliness, these headphones are the epitome of innovation. Your brand or design will find the perfect canvas on either or both sides of these headphones, making a lasting impression while aligning with sustainable practices.

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