After you've made a nice design for your flyers, you will have to choose the type of paper you're going to be using. If you don't know much about paper types, it's going to be hard to make a choice. There are so many types, sizes and finishes for flyers! In this article, we'll explain about all the available types, sizes and finishes, as well as provide you with a way to decide which paper type fits your flyer best.


Paper exists in varying grades of thickness, which is called grammage. But how exactly does that work? The amount of grams is measured per square meter and is indicated as g/m². A paper type of 90 grams has the same thickness whether your flyer is an A4 or an A7 size. Below is a table with all characteristics, so you can easily compare.

Explanation paper types for flyers

To give you a good idea of the grammage which fits your flyer best, refer to the overview underneath:


90 gram flyers are often called handouts or handbills. They're comparable with letter paper, very thin. With a thickness of 0.1mm, this flyer is the lightest and cheapest in it's category. A 90 grams always has a matte finish, which makes it well suited for being written on.

Ideal for advertising

The 135 gram flyers are especially convenient for distribution. They're very lightweight, but still 1.5 times the thickness of printing paper. This makes them more sturdy and less prone to to crinkling, compared to printing paper. The 135 grams flyers have a slightly shiny coating on both sides, which has a very faint matte finish. This type of flyers is often used when the costs have to be kept low, because they're to be handed out to a large number of people.

Flyers for conventions

The 170 gram flyers are often called business flyers. This name is given to the 170 grams, because many customers order these flyers for usage on a convention or trade market. 170 grams paper is 2x as thick as printing paper and has a matte finish. This makes the flyer well writable. The sturdiness of this flyer makes it impervious to crinkles to an extent, which gives the flyer a professional look.

Hospitality and retail promotion

The 250 gram flyers are mainly used in the hospitality and retail industries. These are 3x as thick as printing paper and therefore feel nice and robust. With the 250 grams, you have a choice whether to add a gloss coating or a high gloss coating. It makes your design stand out more and gives the flyers a classy look.

Gloss coating

With a gloss coating, your flyer stands out and looks professional.

High gloss coating

The high gloss coating is a real eye catcher. It has a luxury look.

Premium cards

A 400 gram flyer is a very robust type of paper, and is therefore recognized as the most classy type of flyers. It's 4x thicker than printing paper and very suitable for writing. This flyer has 3 possible finishes:

Smooth surface

If you choose for a smooth surface, you will receive flyers which have a natural gloss to them. This gives the flyers a professional look.

Matte surface

You can choose for a matte surface as well. A matte surface gives the flyer a more natural look. Are you selling a natural / artisanal product, or do you want to exclaim authenticity? In that case, take this is the paper type for you.

High gloss

The 400 gram flyer with a high gloss finish is our most flashy flyer With this finish, your flyer design truly comes to life. Do you want to stand out? Pick this paper type.

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