Pure Mediterranean Success Story

Start a company out of pure passion, like Gino’s Pure Mediterranean. Together with his family as a child, he produced olive oil in Greece. So when he moved to the Netherlands, he wanted to bring the taste of Greece with him. Now, Gino sells olive oil, honey and herbs fully in Mediterranean style. By smart use of promotional materials, he makes sure 67% of his customers are coming back time after time. How?


When a customer orders a product with Pure Mediterranean, they receive a flyer included. The flyer shows several products from the assortment to make customers aware of other possibilities. In addition he stimulates customers to order again by providing them a discount code on their next order.


Alongside the flyer a business card goes into the box. The business card tells the customer all kinds of things about the product; where it comes from, what taste it gives and how it can be combined with other products. This way Gino informs the customer how the experience of the product can be maximised.


Each product is labelled with a Pure Mediterranean sticker. It looks professional, easy recognisable and provides the customer with the necessary information. Like this, Gino was able to easily expand his product range. What started with olive oil, now has been expanded with all kinds of different honey and herbs.


Ordering online is becoming more and more normal these days. However, this can feel really impersonal. By adding a thank-you-card with a personalised note in the box, Gino minimises the distance between him and the customer. It creates sympathy and shows that Pure Mediterranean sees its customers as real people, instead of numbers.


To make the experience complete, all orders are being delivered by Pure Mediterranean branded cars. Not completely wrapped, an easy attachable magnet sign does the trick. Together with the branded packaging Gino gives his customers a reason to look forward to their order.

Pure Mediterranean provides their customers with a full experience by using printed promotional materials. That’s something you can do as well! Want to know how? Check out our full assortment.