Screen printing vs. digital printing explained

Our flag product range offers a large variety of products. An important detail in ordering your flags is the way your flags are printed. We offer both screen printed and digital printed flags. In this article we will explain the pros and the cons of screen printed and digital printed flags.

Screen printing

screen printing

Screen printing is used best when a flag has a simple design, without too much details. Think for example of the Union Jack, it is a simple design with three different colours (red, white, blue).

Screen printed flags offer various advantages. Firstly, screen printed flags are cheap when you order large quantities. Screen printed flags are printed on two sides. Secondly, screen printed flags are printed in PMS colours, which means that the colours on the flag are exactly the same every time. Companies like Vodafone and British Airways make use of screen printed flags, to ensure that the logos’ colours are 100% accurate.

Screen printing has some disadvantages. Firstly, screen print is expensive when printing small quantities as there is a higher set up cost. Secondly, screen printing is not suitable for small and very detailed designs, because the paint runs out roughly 3 mm when it is pressed onto the flag canvas.

Digital printing

digital printing

Digital printing is suitable for flags with a lot of (small) details. If you need a flag with a small logo or small text, digital printed flags are the type of flag you need.

The main advantage of digital printing is that it is an easy way to print small flag quantities for an affordable price. Digital print is suitable to make your company logo’s details look crisp and to make small text readable.

Digital printing has some disadvantages. Firstly, digital printed flags are not suitable when you need large quantities. Secondly, digital printed flags are printed in full color (instead of PMS colours) and so colour accuracy can not be 100% from one flag to another.

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