Six Spooooky Halloween Marketing Campaigns

Six Spooooky Halloween Marketing Campaigns

Holiday season is here, and first up is Halloween. The best time to dress up, have fun, eat loads of candy, scare your friends and get creative with costumes in the hope of being crowned the best dressed at the Halloween party 😉

All of the above can also be applied to your brand, and we have six great examples below of how you can use fun Holiday events, to create relevant, creative and engaging marketing campaigns – so your brand stands out as the best dressed this year!

Number One

Mr Kipling Trick or Treating Halloween marketing campaign
Trick or Treating Mr Kipling

This Mr Kipling Trick or Treating ad from October 2014 is a classic example of how being creative with your brand can result in a super effective and strong message for Halloween. The ad was created specifically for print use and we think it’s a fantastic design for a spooky halloween poster! Want to make your own spooky halloween posters? Shop Here.

Number Two

Halloween Hand Heineken marketing campaign
Halloween Hand Heineken

Heineken are always on top form when it comes to Halloween campaigns, and one of our favourites is their “Halloween Hand” campaign from 2010. They keep it simple and with a few spooky tweaks to a regular bottle of beer, this campaign makes Heineken top-of-mind & conversation right when it matters! Want to make your own spooky Halloween bottles, with custom print labels? Shop Here.

Number Three

Dracula Fries McDonald’s Halloween marketing campaign
Dracula Fries McDonald’s

Again, the simplicity is the key of this Halloween ad by McDonald’s. Easily recognisable to both the brand & the holiday, with the Ketchup (or is it…) bringing it all together, this is another example of how sticking true to your brand and keeping it simple makes for a winning holiday campaign. Print your own spooky Halloween food packaging.

Number Four

Halloween Shadows Guinness marketing campaign
Halloween Shadows Guinness

Guinness was looking for a way to promote their brand over halloween, and gave a free spooky shadow coaster with every pint ordered. The result? Curiosity drove sales, and the coasters were cool enough that customers were taking them home at the end of the night! Win win! Get creative and print your own Halloween coasters here.

Number Five

Zombie Battle Jagermeister Halloween marketing campaign
Zombie Battle Jagermeister

This is one way to get everybody involved in your halloween campaign! These table cards are part of a campaign by Jagermeister to incentivise customers to dress up and enjoy Halloween with a “dead cold shot of Jagermeister” and have the chance to win a zombie battle experience. Get people involved, and add a prize incentive & your brand will stick long after the pumpkins are turned into soup. Print your own frightening table cards here.

Number Six

#scaryclownnight Burger King Halloween marketing campaign
#scaryclownnight Burger King

This has got to go down in Halloween history as one of the best trolling campaigns we have seen. Burger King used the tagline “Come as a clown, eat like a King” to taunt McDonald’s, and using the hashtag #scaryclownnight they encouraged customers to come dressed as scary clowns and receive free whopper burgers. The campaign was a huge success, and the battle between McDonald’s and Burger King continues… Print your own custom scary window vinyls here.