The Basic Marketing Materials Every New Business Needs to Get Started

The Basic Marketing Materials Every New Business Needs to Get Started

We all have to start somewhere! New businesses may not have enough resources to devote to elaborate promotions for their marketing endeavours. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to promote their brand.

Here are the marketing essentials you need to get you started with promoting your new brand:

Brand Logo

Before we get started, you need to get the brand right. A logo is one of the most valuable assets of your company. It is an image that helps people distinguish your brand from your competitors. As the face of your company, your logo also communicates who you are and what you stand for.

A well-designed logo, along with a solid brand identity, is the cornerstone of your marketing. It helps to guide the design of your marketing and branding materials, including your online and offline promotions. Your logo helps decide what kind of colours, fonts, images, style, and feel you want to use for your brand. 

You can choose to design your own logo using various logo design programs, such as Adobe Illustrator and online logo makers. If you are not well-versed in design, there is also the option of hiring a graphic designer to help create your logo. 

Business Card

Whether you’re an online or offline business, you are going to need business cards. They are useful and budget-friendly marketing materials used during networking events, such as trade shows and conventions.

The most effective business cards not only include all your essential business details but also have a design consistent with your branding.

These cost-effective new business marketing materials help grab people’s attention, provide information, and leave a lasting impression on their recipients. They can also help build community awareness and generate buzz and curiosity about your business. Strategically giving away your business cards can potentially help you gain new clients over time. 

Here’s a new business marketing idea for you: use folded business cards to level up your business card game. It helps extend your pitch and gives you more space to be creative with your business cards.


Brochures can act as a printed version of your website. Businesses usually use them to highlight their background, mission and vision, goods and services, and contact information. These marketing tools also gives you a better opportunity to tell your story as a brand and to engage with customers.

The beauty of brochures is that they have enough space to promote your brand without looking too cramped. It is also small enough to be easily distributed through different new business marketing strategies, including participating in trade shows and mailing them to customers.


If you’re looking for a cheap but effective new business marketing material, choose flyers. Though one of the oldest forms of advertising, many still use them to promote their products and services. They are cheap, convenient, and easy to produce and distribute. Flyers can also be left anywhere, including reception areas, cashiers, train stations, or even community boards.

Flyers, especially A5 flyer and A4 flyers, have enough space to promote a business’ products and services and to impart more information about your brand. Aside from your products and services, you should also include essential information such as your company contact information, prices of your goods, and hours of operation.


Invest in a good set of stationery for your business. Stationery items, including printed letterheads, envelopes, and even sticky notes, help give your brand an aesthetic advantage over your competitors. Compared to your competitors who don’t have these new business marketing materials, your brand will appear more professional, legitimate, and credible.

Stationery items consistently but subtly increase brand visibility and recognition. Every time you send out letters or files, for example, you are putting your brand in the forefront of your customers, employees, and business partner’s minds.

These items also reinforce your brand message every time people see your logo and your branding elements on the paper. Recipients of your letters, memos, or notes can see what your brand is like based on your stationery design. 

Product Packaging

Even as a new business, getting branded packaging is significant for boosting business. Your product packaging is the first point of contact customers have with your brand. Well-designed packaging entices customers to purchase your product. They may not be the main show, but they add value and quality to your products.

Like other marketing materials, well-designed product packaging help establish the legitimacy and credibility of your business and improve your reputation. Customers immediately doubt a brand whenever its products come in plain, low-quality packaging.

New business marketing ideas for packaging don’t even have to be expensive. Using printed sticker labels are cost-effective packaging solutions for any young company, especially those in the retail, food, or hospitality business. They’re cost-effective, practical, easily customisable, and flexible. They can jazz up any plain packaging like jars, boxes, and paper bags.

Creating well-designed new business marketing materials for your brand is a stepping stone for success. Your initial marketing endeavours don’t even have to be big and grand as long as it is well-thought-out and leaves a lasting impression on new and existing customers!