The Best New Giveaways For Your Company in 2021

Win your customers’ hearts by giving them well-designed personalised company giveaways. They’re effective in nudging potential customers into buying a product or availing services. What better way to get people to buy your products than giving them free stuff?

Some business gifts, however, don’t create the effect as others do. Pens, button pins, and key chains used to be popular giveaways but, nowadays, people are looking for something new and different. So when you’re figuring out what kind of business gifts to give to your customers, consider the following things:

  • Get giveaways that add value to a customer’s life. Avoid getting something people will end up ignoring or throwing away in the first week of having it.
  • Personalise your giveaways. Custom-made gifts make customers feel like they and a select few are the ones who have it.
  • Create well-made and well-designed freebies. Giveaways that look and feel cheap will turn off anybody. Make sure you order quality freebies with good designs. 

Here is a list of new corporate gifts for 2021 you can give to customers:

Branded Notebooks

The Best New Giveaways For Your Company in 2019 | Branded Notebooks

Everybody needs a notebook for taking notes, exploring ideas, or sketching. Even in the age of mobile devices, there are people who still use notebooks in their daily lives.

Create custom notebooks of good quality. Print them in your company’s colours or have them print your company logo on a neutral background. Customers will be reminded of your brand whenever they use your notebooks. Who knows? Maybe your notebooks will be where your customers hatch the next big idea.

Branded Clothing

The Best New Giveaways For Your Company in 2019 | Branded Clothing

For something more durable, create branded clothing to give to clients. Your customers can become a walking advertisement for your brand.

Make sure to get a custom t-shirt or hoodie that’s comfortable, well-made, and well-designed. Customers who like the wear and design of their clothing usually post pictures of themselves on social media. That’s free publicity for your brand right there.

Reusable Tote Bags

The Best New Giveaways For Your Company in 2019 | Reusable Tote Bags

With people becoming more conscious of the environment, they prefer using canvas bags while they’re shopping. These bags are long-lasting and can be folded to fit inside your bag.

Create amazing tote bags for your customers. Not only will you be promoting eco-friendly habits, but you will also have mobile advertising.

Portable Phone Chargers

The Best New Giveaways For Your Company in 2019 | Portable Phone Chargers

With people always using their mobile devices, they’re bound to run out of battery at the most inconvenient time.

Give your customers power banks with your company’s logo to ease their low battery worries. They’re small and light but extremely useful for people on the go. It’ll be highly appreciated, we assure you. 

Flash Drives

The Best New Giveaways For Your Company in 2019 | Flash Drives

Give people a place to store digital files and documents by giving them USB flash drives. They’re very handy for data storage and easy transfer of data. They can be used when the Internet is slow or when the files are too big to send over email.

Custom Water Bottles

The Best New Giveaways For Your Company in 2019 | Branded Notebooks

What do people usually look for on a warm summer day? A drink, of course. Branded water bottles are great company giveaways. People will stay hydrated and be reminded of your brand every time they take a sip. A plastic water bottle is also a reusable item, which means that it will be advertising your brand for as long as the customer is using it. 

Branded Headsets

The Best New Giveaways For Your Company in 2019 | Branded Headsets

One of the most popular 2021 gift trends is branded headsets. People like listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts while they’re working or commuting to and from home. 

Give your customers a nice headset. They’ll be so thankful, that they’ll want to buy your products every time their music cancels out the noise of the everyday commute and of their chatty deskmate.

Coupons, Gift Cards, and Vouchers

The Best New Giveaways For Your Company in 2019 | Coupons, Gift Cards, and Vouchers

Nobody can resist a good deal or discount. By providing customers with coupons, gift cards, and vouchers, you can persuade them to check out your other offers.

Business gifts are a great way to keep customers and employees happy and coming back for more. Get your own personalised company giveaways right now!