Easily Apply Stickers To Any Surface

Easily Apply Stickers To Any Surface

You’ve designed and received the stickers you wanted and have found the perfect spot for them, great! It’s now time to learn how to apply them correctly, without any creases or air bubbles. This may seem tricky at first, but don’t worry; we’re here to help! Before proceeding with the techniques below, make sure your surface is clean and free of any debris or grease.

How to apply window stickers?

Window stickers are an excellent way to attract the attention of passers-by, especially if you’ve taken the time to design your own. Don’t detract from the promotion by applying incorrectly and capturing the attention of potential customers for all the wrong reasons! Firstly, prepare your surface by removing all dust particles with detergent water and a clean cloth. Remove the excess water with a squeegee and spray the window again with the cleaning solution. Position your sticker on the window and begin to slowly peel the liner off while spraying detergent water on the adhesive. Next, spray the detergent water onto the designated surface area. Peel the sticker from the window and position it on the application surface. Spray some more detergent on the sticker and squeeze the water out, starting always from the centre out to the different directions. Clean the sticker with a cloth and that’s it!

How to apply wall stickers?

Wall stickers are sure to leave a lasting impression, both indoors and out. Our wall stickers are made from top quality Roughmark polymer vinyl with a thick adhesive layer which is suitable for uneven surfaces such as brick walls. As standard, make sure that your surface is clean in preparation for applying the wall sticker. Take a moment to plan where you’ll apply the sticker, so no edge will cover a mortar joint (the space between the bricks filled with mortar or grout). For small stickers, remove the liner first and slowly apply the sticker from the middle. For larger stickers, carefully remove the liner whilst applying. Be sure to squeeze the air from between the sticker and the wall with your hand! Once applied and secure, a heat gun with a roller can be used to apply heat and pressure to bond the sticker. This is an optional step and depends on how rough the surface is.

How to apply laptop stickers?

Laptop stickers are a fantastic way to promote your business on the go! With a lifespan of 2-3 years, however, you want to be sure you apply them as perfectly as possible. Luckily, it’s a simple process. Use a soft cloth to clean the selected area, as the dirt and oil will prevent the sticker adhesive from sticking as securely as possible. Peel the sticker from the liner and carefully place it on the surface, ensuring you smooth out any creases as you go. We recommend starting from the centre of the sticker and smoothing out to the different directions from there. You can use your finger or credit card to smooth out any air bubbles – both get the job done!

How to apply floor stickers?

Anti-skid and scratch-resistant floor stickers are a unique and effective way to advertise promotions and share information with your customers. As floors as prone to dust and debris, cleaning and drying the area before applying your stickers is crucial. After cleaning the area, slowly apply the floor sticker to the ground, pushing outwards from the centre. It’s easier to do this using a credit card or a squeegee, being careful not to leave any air bubbles. We recommend against using a metal scraper or spatula because these tools have the potential to damage the sticker. Press around the edges to smooth out the sticker and voilà!

How to apply stickers to clothing & textiles?

Stickers are great to use temporarily on these surfaces, such as writable name-tags or promotional stickers. They are fun and draw attention, but best of all, they won’t leave a permanent mark. The adhesive for most stickers will only work on clothing and textiles for a limited amount of time, so keep this in mind when ordering! Simply peel the sticker off the liner and apply it to the desired surface, with care not to damage the sticker.

How to apply stickers to uneven surfaces?

Most stickers work best when stuck to even surfaces, but it is possible to apply certain types to uneven surfaces too! Wall stickers can be applied to rough surfaces as they have a thicker glue layer, which in turn means the sticker can be held up. Car stickers can also be applied to uneven surfaces, such as curved ones, due to their thicker and stronger glue layer. Once the surface has been cleaned and is dry, you’re ready to begin. For small stickers, peel the sticker from the liner and apply from left to right, making sure to not create any air bubbles or creases. For larger stickers, keep the liner on and slowly remove it whilst applying the sticker from left to right. Using a credit card is great to smoothen out the sticker, starting from the centre and smoothing to the edges. Finally, heating the area with a hair dryer or heat gun for about 20 seconds can also help to ensure the sticker stays in place. Be careful, however, as too much heat can damage the sticker!

Can I apply stickers using soapy water?

Soapy water is great to clean and wipe the surface before applying your sticker, but can also be used to apply large stickers! Once the surface is clean, wet the area again with a spray bottle of water and soap. Position the sticker and apply when the area is still wet. This method keeps the sticker from sticking right away and allows you time to reposition if necessary. It also gives you time to use a credit card or a squeegee to get rid of air bubbles and creases. The soapy water will be dry in no time and your sticker will be stuck!

Final thoughts

Every sticker is unique in terms of size, shape and material, but one thing they all have in common is they must be applied correctly and with care. Hand them out to your customers at events or exhibitions, use them to advertise your products in your window or promote your brand on your wall – stickers are endlessly versatile! 

Now that you know how to apply your stickers, why not broaden your horizons and try some of our more creative stickers to increase brand visibility?