2023 Trends in Branded Stationery

2023 Trends in Branded Stationery

Yes, there are trends in the design world, even when it comes to stationery. We can say that while we always preach to stay true to a brand’s image, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to follow a few trends to give your business’ branded stationery a more contemporary look. Impress your employees, customers, and fellow businesses by creating well-designed corporate stationery.

Here are the most popular brand trends you can use when designing your company’s branded stationery:

Consistent and Cohesive Design

Consistent and Cohesive Design | The Latest Trends in Branded Stationery [2019]

Creating consistency and cohesiveness in printed stationery is more than just putting your company logo in all your stationery items.

Many designers use easily identifiable branding elements across all the items in a stationery set including business cards, sticky notes, and presentation folders. It can be the colours, shapes, typography, or even the pattern. However, each piece should be slightly different from one another to avoid the impression that you just copy-pasted the design.

Memphis Design

Memphis Design | The Latest Trends in Branded Stationery [2019]

The Memphis design trend is an exploration of the unconventional and unrestricted that often results in bizarre and daring designs. It encourages breaking away from the strict grids, arranged elements, and typical colour palettes. It draws inspiration from Art Deco, Pop Art, and 1950’s Kitsch.

Some designers have used the Memphis style in creating their company’s brand identity. It often reflects in their printed stationery in the colours, shapes, patterns, and format.

Bold Colour Gradients

Bold Colour Gradients | The Latest Trends in Branded Stationery [2019]

One of the biggest brand trends in graphic design is gradients. Duotone gradients give any design depth and character while flat colours come across as limiting and boring. It’s no surprise that many designers follow this trend even when designing a company’s branded stationery.

You can go very bold with this brand trend. While you could only use it in the accent shapes or logo design, you could also put it on the other side of a letterhead or the inside of an envelope.

Brand Patterns

Brand Patterns | The Latest Trends in Branded Stationery [2019]

Many businesses are starting to develop patterns for their brand. Some base the pattern on the logo itself; some are patterns designs meant to complement the logo design as well.

These patterns are usually placed on large surfaces of stationery such as the back of business cards, letterheads, branded notebooks, and sometimes inside the envelopes as well. This brand trend creates a bold statement and reinforces brand identity.

Simplicity and Minimalism

Simplicity and Minimalism | The Latest Trends in Branded Stationery [2019]

Simplicity is always in style in graphic design and it has even influenced corporate stationery designs.

Consumers are now used to seeing clean and uncluttered designs, especially in digital media. Many companies have taken note and gone for a more minimalist approach in their branding. Many eliminated unnecessary graphic elements and replaced them with brand patterns or colours as design accents.

Contemplative approach

In 2022 we are focusing on nature and sustainability. Discover materials such as bark, wood, cork and grass. Show your customer that your brand is ready to take the next step towards becoming sustainable.

For example, many brands are opting for an eco-friendly range of sustainable stationery products. Making sure their customers have to option to go green.

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