The Psychology of Dressing in Team Uniforms

The Psychology of Dressing in Team Uniforms

If you want to know how to bring a team together, create team uniforms. Whether it’s for work, sport or just for fun branded clothing will foster team building and boost team spirit. Wearing a uniform makes everyone feel like they are all working together to achieve one common goal. This encourages the mindset that you have each other’s backs, and when you come across a challenging you’re all in it together!

Wearing a uniform brings everybody on equal ground. This unites all individuals regardless of backgrounds, race, social class or age to become one group all fighting for the same goals.

For many sports teams and jobs it’s a privilege to wear the team kit or uniform. Finally all of the hard work has paid off and it’s a great achievement that you can now wear the sports kit, to represent the team you have been working so hard to play for. Likewise for many jobs. For example, a big part of becoming a flight attendant is about wearing your uniform to show that you meet the passed your specialised training and meet the physical requirements. After all of the hard work it’s worn with pride!

It’s no coincidence that in the army there is a huge importance put on the uniforms that are worn, and how well presented it must be. The uniform symbolises team spirit, honour, and pride. The uniform comes with a great responsibility, and it’s very often that the act of putting on that uniform awakens a new version of a person. For example  as soon as John Johnson puts on his uniform he becomes “Private Johnson” who is ready to make his country proud, and protect his squad.

The psychological impact of uniforms shouldn’t be underestimated. Branded clothing creates a strong impact on the employees’ attitude and morale. Take advantage of the effects of branded clothing on your business before someone else does!