The Ultimate Print Product Checklist for Your New Hospitality Business

The Ultimate Print Product Checklist for Your New Hospitality Business

Starting a new hospitality business can be a tricky feat to accomplish. It requires extensive planning and customer service training to provide the very best experience for your customers. This guide will help make sure you stay on top of all hospitality printing you need for your day-to-day operations and long-term actions.

Here is a checklist of all the hospitality printing you need to get done for your new hospitality business:

Company Forms

While businesses mostly print their company forms from their office printer, some need to be ready to use at all times. Each document is important for keeping track of any legal liability. 

Some of the hospitality printing you need for your day-to-day operations include maintenance orders, purchase requisitions, invoices, and NCR receipt pads.

Internal and External Signage

Signages like panels, roller banners, and pavement signs play a significant role in all kinds of businesses in the hospitality industry. They have multiple uses, including wayfinding, information propagation, and marketing.

All hotels need door hangers. They help to deliver your message and to promote your services such as housekeeping, laundry, and room service right at your customer’s door.

Office Stationery

Whether you’re running a hotel, a catering service, or even a restaurant, office stationery is a necessary component to the operations of your business. Print products like letterheads, envelopes, and sticky notes help in office efficiency and communication.

Office stationery is also valuable in establishing your brand identity. Whenever you send out a letter to your customers, employees, and business partners, its design and quality show how your business is professional and legitimate. 

Marketing Collaterals

If you’re new in town, you need to spread the word to reach potential new customers. Create well-designed marketing materials to stand out from the competition. One way to do this is hanging up banners and signs. These outdoor advertisements can draw the attention of passers-by, direct new and old customers to your place of business, and establishes the presence of your brand.

Other marketing materials such as flyers and brochures give more comprehensive information about your business. Not only can you feature new products and services, but you can also include a brief history of your brand, mission and vision, and prices.

Promotional Products

Giving your customers promotional print products, will help promote your brand and reinforce your brand identity in a consistent but subtle manner. Every time they see your logo on custom pens or notepads for correspondence, your brand is put on the forefront of their minds.

Branded Uniforms

Appearance is everything when making a first impression. Invest in a good set of branded uniforms for your team members. A well-designed and well-made printed blouse or other kinds of work outfit will make your employees look professional, trustworthy and recognizable.

While dressing to impress is essential, this hospitality printing product also helps maintain the brand’s professional image. Stunning and functional uniforms tell the customers that your brand upholds professionalism and cleanliness. Team uniforms also help streamline customer service. They make your employees easily identifiable to customers in case they need help for their specific problems and concerns.

Menu Cards & Table Cards

Menu cards and table cards are obviously essential for restaurants, hotels, venue halls, and other businesses that serve food. Well-designed menus and table cards let customers know what types of food and beverages are available. They also set and reinforce the tone of the restaurant.

Meanwhile, table cards have multiple functions aside from displaying available food and drinks. You can use them to identify buffet items and promote the evening specials. These print products also give relevant contact details for hotel staff and services when placed in hotel rooms.


Don’t forget to order some notepads. Restaurant and cafe employees will need them to take the orders of their customers.

Hotels, on the other hand, place them in hotel rooms for the convenience of their guests. Notepads are quite useful in case hotel guests need to jot down important information. They can also serve as promotional items customers can take home after their stay.


Preserve the look of your hospitality business’ furniture from any damage. Coasters help protect the surface of your furniture from hot or cold drinks. Placing them atop of a glass or bottle also protects the open drink from contamination.

At the same time, printed coasters also make great marketing tools. They promote your brand during the times when customers are most receptive to advertisements. Customers can take these tangible advertisements back home or to their room after dining or drinking.


Hospitality businesses such as caterers, restaurants, and cafes should also promote cleanliness in their service. Placemats help to keep your food in place and catch crumbs and small spills. Besides the functional purposes, it also helps to promote your brand. Meanwhile, fast-food restaurants and other establishments print activity sheets on them to keep the children busy during mealtime.

Preparing the print essentials you need for your restaurant, hotel, or catering service early on can help streamline your preparation process. Now that you know what to print, you can easily keep track of all the things required for your business.