Top 10 Eco-Friendly Print Products

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Print Products

Transitioning to more sustainable business practices takes time. However, you can start by using the best eco-friendly products to both maximise your marketing and minimise your impact on the environment.

Check out our 10 best eco-friendly products below and you’ll soon be sharing your message in a sustainable and eye-catching way :

1. Eco-Flyers


One of the best ways to start is by using Eco-Flyers as part of your marketing campaigns. They use 100% recycled materials and still create stunning prints for your business. We offer three kinds of Eco-Flyers, Bio Top Flyers, Recycled Flyers, and Kraft Brown Flyers.

Bio Top Eco-Flyers use a totally chlorine-free (TCF) bleaching process that leaves the paper with an off-white colour and a natural, uncoated texture. You can use this flyer for all kinds of businesses, big and small. 

Go with Recycled Recystar Nature Eco-Flyers if you want something similar to regular flyer paper. They are a natural white, uncoated paper made from 100% recyclable fibres. Like the Bio Top Eco-Flyers, you can use them for different businesses, regardless of industry or size.

Kraft Brown Eco-Flyers production process has minimal to no dyes and other chemicals, leaving it in its natural brown colour. It is perfect for businesses, who want a more rustic or natural look in their promotions.

2. Business Cards from Recycled Paper

business cards from recycled paper

They look just like a regular business card, and Business Cards from Recycled Paper brings sustainability and style to any business. These marketing tools use Cyclus Offset paper in 300 gsm, an uncoated, naturally white paper designed to enhance your creative message. This material’s production process uses less CO2, consumes less water and energy, and eliminates the need for wood in papermaking.

3. Recycled Envelopes

Recycled envelopes

The best eco-friendly products for lessening your carbon footprint with your business correspondence are Recycled Envelopes. These high-quality envelopes come from the pulp of collected old paper whitened in a natural and harm-free way without chlorine and optical brighteners.

The envelope’s paper and address window are both biodegradable, making them eco-friendly even after use. But much like regular envelopes, they also come in a variety of different sizes for you to use.

4. Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft paper bags

Instead of using plastic bags for your shop, use biodegradable Kraft Paper Bags instead. They are the best eco-friendly products as they are reliable, recyclable, and are sure to be remembered by your customers. The production for these print products use mostly locally available materials and does not require too much energy, reducing costs.

They are available in different colours and sizes. You can also customise them to your preference.

5. Reusable Cups

reusable cups

Though regular paper cups may be biodegradable, it takes a particular recycling process to remove the plastic lining found in alternative options. One of the best eco-friendly products you can instead use our Reusable Cups. You can keep using these plastic cups over time, reducing the need for disposable paper or plastic cups.

You can use these Eco Cups for all kinds of events, such as birthday parties, and online festivals, or even in the office! They are available in two sizes and a variety of colours to enhance your theme, which makes them suitable for all drinks from water and soda, to beer or wine.

6. Sticky Notes from Recycled Paper

Sticky notes from recycled paper

If you’re looking to go green with your office supplies, start by using Recycled Sticky Notes. From its 100% recycled 80 gsm paper and backing sheet, these print products provide an eco-friendly alternative to regular sticky notes.

These sticky notes are perfect for the office or promotional giveaways to customers, employees, and business partners. They come in two sizes, 75 x 75 mm and 105 x 75 mm.

7. Eco-Friendly Pens

eco-friendly products

Pens also contribute to our plastic problems. Fortunately, there are green alternatives that use recycled or recyclable materials. That’s why we offer three of the best eco-friendly pens in the market: Bottle Pens, PaperWrite Pens, and Vegetal Pens.

Instead of letting them end up in landfills, companies have developed technologies to recycle PET Bottles into new items. Bottle Pens, for instance, are a type of eco-friendly pen whose components mostly come from recycled PET bottles. 

Though it uses coloured plastic parts, PaperWrite Pens are still a great alternative to plastic pens. This product uses a cardboard structure and a wooden clip which are biodegradable after use.

Vegetal Pens use a material called Ingeo, a PLA-plastic developed by NatureWorks. This material is a type of polyester material that comes from plant fibres, making it both biodegradable and compostable. The production of this pen uses only a third of the energy traditional plastic pens requires.

8. Recycled Notebooks

recycled notebooks

Recycled Notebooks uses recycled materials to create almost every part of the notebook, including its cream lined paper and cardboard cover. They make great eco-friendly stationery for the office or business gifts for customers.

These print products come in three different sizes, Small, Medium, and Note-L. They also include a blue ink ballpoint pen!

9. Roller Banners Eco

eco roller banners

Roller Banners Eco are the perfect marketing tool. The banner uses a 100% PVC-free polypropylene material that has a silky texture, as well as using eco ink that is more environmentally friendly! Sharp images with glossy colours are sure to shine with this eco-friendly product.

10. USB Eco-wood


One of the best eco-friendly products as giveaways is the USB Eco-wood. This print product combines modern design, practicality and sustainability. With a solid wood casing and a detachable cap with a magnetic component to keep the cover attached to the body and protect the flash disk.

This print product comes in different memory capacities ranging from 2 GB to 64 GB. You can print your design through engraving or full-colour printing, which makes it the perfect promotional and practical gift.

Are you ready to go green?

With the rise of new technology and changing consumer trends, the best eco-friendly products are more accessible than ever. All businesses, big and small can start the transition to sustainability with ease without breaking the bank.

Though using eco-friendly products is only a little step, it sets the stage for the shift to more sustainable business practices in the future. So, if you are ready to lead the way… let us know in the comments below!