Top 4 Print Ads Complimenting a Digital Marketing Strategy

Top 4 Print Ads Complimenting a Digital Marketing Strategy

The fight is over. No longer will you have to argue which marketing strategy is better. We would argue that combining the forces of print and digital marketing is the best way to advertise your business. Not only do you get the benefits of the amazing opportunities of the online world, but you also get to reach people on a more personal level with print promotional materials. It’s a win-win situation.

If you’re unsure how to create a cohesive campaign comprised of both marketing strategies, get inspiration from these companies:

Where’s my kid?

Gotta love the beach. An essential part of the summer experience is sunscreen. If you want a nice tan, experts say you have to be lathered up in it and reapply it, especially on your kids.

And NIVEA sure knows how to sell its new kids sunscreen. We can all agree that all children love the sea and run off to swim the instant their feet step on the sand. But that excitement leaves parents worried that they’re going to lose their kids in between the crowd at the beach. NIVEA offers a fix for that situation.

They created a print ad, which includes a small chip. You can tear off a piece of the magazine ad and place it a bracelet on your kid’s hand. Connect to your phone and you can always know where exactly is your kid, so that you can reapply sunscreen.

An extremely creative connection between print and digital marketing. Hats off to you, NIVEA!

Scribble away

Listen to your customers! That’s exactly what Starbuck did. Around 2014, it became a social media trend to post pictures of Starbucks cups with a doodle on them.

So how did Starbucks respond? They turned the trend into a contest, the #whitecupcontest. They encouraged their customers to draw on the to go cups and post their creations online with a hashtag. They received more than 4000 entries. It was truly a successful campaign.

So, if you have to-go cups or other paper products, encourage your customers to do something creative with them after use.

Scribble away | The Top 4 Print Ads Complimenting a Digital Marketing Strategy

Emojis Gone Bananas

You can’t escape them. Emojis have come to define a part of pop culture. 20th Century Fox is jumping on the trend with a clever banner advertisement for the Deadpool movie. This strategy has a bifold impact.

On the one hand, it is directly including the digital world by translating it into this traditional form of advertisement. On the other hand, such striking images are great shareable content. People will travel to the spot just to take a picture of it. That’s marketing done right.

Emojis Gone Bananas | The Top 4 Print Ads Complimenting a Digital Marketing Strategy

Moving away?

In Canada, specifically in Montreal, there is a particular day, on which people move houses. In order to advertise its brand, IKEA provided free packaging boxes to all residents. Although this campaign was successful, in 2014 IKEA decided to kick it up a notch by adding a twist to the boxes. They decided to design boxes to appear as furniture. In this way, people would be able to test how furniture looks in their new home, before buying it. The eye-catching cardboard boxes were perfectly shareable material.  

Moving away? | The Top 4 Print Ads Complimenting a Digital Marketing Strategy
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Print marketing is like the cherry on the cake to digital marketing. Having a cohesive marketing strategy across different types of mediums will truly make your brand shine. Hope you got inspired to create the most creative marketing strategy!