What is GSM?

So, what is paper GSM? GSM stands for “grams per square metre”, which is a unit of measurement for paper weight. It also refers to the paper density, which is the relationship of the paper weight to a paper area that remains constant.

There is an easy way of understanding GSM: the higher the GSM, the heavier and thicker the paper will be. For example, an ordinary business letterhead usually has 80 gsm paper weight. It is very flimsy and thin to the touch. However, 300 gsm paper used for event invitations printing is thicker and heftier compared to letterhead paper.

Why Does GSM Matter?

Why Does GSM Matter?

Why does the weight of the paper matter? There are plenty of paper weights available on the market that you can use for different purposes. Each paper GSM has its own unique qualities that can help make your print products shine. Paper weight also helps in giving the right brand message to your customers.

For instance, 300 gsm or 400 gsm paper is the best paper for your business cards printing. They will last longer and be less prone to wrinkling or folding. This paper weight also gives potential clients the impression that you have a professional and legitimate business.

While using thick paper gives a stronger statement, it isn’t always the most appropriate paper to use. There are some print products for which it is more appropriate, functional, and cost-efficient to use thin paper.

For example, promotional flyers are usually mass-produced and disseminated nationwide. Though using a 400 gsm paper weight guarantees professional and long-lasting promotions, it costs significantly more compared to printing on a 170 gsm, even when printing in bulk. It will also make it hard for customers to store or carry your flyers around.

what is gsm?

Using the right paper GSM in your printing makes it easier to create well-designed print products that will impress customers and boost business. We hope this short and easy guide about GSM explained everything you need to know. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us or leave a comment down below!