What is the Best Paper to Choose for Quality Business Cards?

Business cards can do wonders for your business. That is, of course, if they’re done right. In business card printing, the kind of business card paper you choose is just as important as the design. Business card material types and finishes say a lot about your brand. You need to choose the best paper that will give prospective customers the right message.

The best paper to print business cards on is card stock. The higher the GSM of the paper, the better the quality of your business card. Let’s go through the types of paper.

Regular (200 to 340 gsm)

The business cards with a 200 to 340 gsm (grams per square meter) paper thickness are a good option for businesses with a tighter budget, which still want a large number of quality business cards for their staff. It is also a great choice if you would rather use recycled paper for your business cards, which is with a 300 gsm paper thickness.


For companies looking to order business cards in bulk for their hundreds of employees, regular card stock business cards are the more affordable and cost-effective option. 


While it is a good business card paper, it tends to be a little flimsy and looks less professional than others. It also has the tendency to get damaged a lot quicker. These business cards are best stored in a cardholder in an office or shop to be given directly to customers.

Premium (400 gsm)

Go premium if you want a heavier business card paper. Many consider this to be the best paper to print business cards on. Business cards printed on 400gsm paper thickness are great for giving away during networking events such as conferences, business meetings, and trade shows.


The higher thickness makes this material more durable and long-lasting. This material also makes for great double-sided printing. It also appears more substantial and sturdier. Due to the sturdy material, it will not be easily folded or crumpled whether its put in someone’s pocket, purse, or bag.


It is a little more expensive compared to regular card stock but gives off a more professional and luxurious quality to anyone who receives it. 

What about the finish?

Choosing the right finish for your business cards is just as important as choosing the right paper material. If you want to have something simple but professional, have a matte laminated business card. If you want people to be able to take quick notes on your business card, order writable business cards. Whether you want matte, silk, velvet, glossy, or pearlescent finish, it can certainly level up the look of your business cards.

High-quality paper can truly change the entire look and feel of your business cards. Don’t settle for anything less. Choose the right paper and finish for your business card printing. Order your own high-quality business cards right now!