How To Know What Signage Material To Use?

How To Know What Signage Material To Use?

So, you have the most amazing design for your signage, but are not sure which material you need for it? Don’t worry! We know it’s important that your panels and signs are made from the right materials in order to elevate their look and prolong their life! That is why we are going to help you choose the best material.

Learn the different kinds of signage materials you can use and when to use them:

Foamex Signs

Foamex | What Signage Material Do I Need to Use?

Turn heads with your outdoor and indoor promotions by using foamex panels. They are made from foamex or PVC foam that has a smooth, high-quality finish and are available in 3mm and 5mm thickness.

When to use Foamex signs?

Go with a 3mm foamex panel for indoor advertising, ceiling signs, and wall covering. For outdoor usage, choose a 5mm thickness. Foamex signs are a perfect choice if you want to direct customers to your shop or restaurant. They are also super versatile, you can use them for your menu board, creative outdoor exhibitions and even shaped display signs.

Brushed Aluminium Signs

Brushed Aluminium Signs | What Signage Material Do I Need to Use?

Need long-lasting outdoor signs? Try using brushed aluminium material for your panels.

They are very lightweight, yet strong and durable and we can cut them for you in any size and shape. It is a widely popular material for panels as it’s not bent easily and it’s water resistant. Plus, brushed aluminium signs give your designs a stunning silver metallic finish.

When to use Brushed Aluminium signs?

You can use this type of material for both indoor and outdoor advertisement, and even for decorative pieces. They are usually a preferred choice for wayfinding signs and we are sure that they’ll  look great in your office, waiting room, reception or restaurant, indicating directions.

Painted Aluminium Signs

Painted Aluminium Signs | What Signage Material Do I Need to Use?

Painted aluminium signs are the same as brushed aluminium signs, except they have a smooth, painted finish. These signs are made out of two synthetic plates with a hard dibond core. They are very sturdy, yet lightweight.

When to use Painted Aluminium Signs?

Consider using this material when designing a panel for a sale or a special offer. Like brushed aluminium, this material is water-resistant and hard to bend, which makes it perfect for outdoor promotional and facade signs.

Correx Signs

Correx Signs | What Signage Material Do I Need to Use?

Printed Correx signs, or channel plate signs, are made from durable material that has tiny channels, which allow you to fold or bend your sign. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor advertising. The thickness of Correx signs is 3.5 mm.

When to use Correx signs?

Its foldable nature makes printed channel plate the best material for outdoor advertising signs for real estate and retail shops. Print products such as V Board signs use Correx material to mark a property “For Sale”, “Sold”, or “For Rent”. You can also use them to promote sales, deals, and discounts in and out of your shop.

Trespa Signs

Trespa Signs | What Signage Material Do I Need to Use?

Trespa signs are made of high-quality reinforced panels that can withstand any weather and are usually 6 mm thick.

When to use Trespa Signs?

They make great outdoor advertisements for sports and training facilities. And in case someone puts graffiti, paint, or any sort of markings on it, you can clean it right away. It’s a durable and cost-effective choice for your business. Put them in front of your facilities and watch how a creative sign can drive customers in.

Cardboard Signs

Cardboard Signs | What Signage Material Do I Need to Use?

Want to display indoor advertisements for a new product or service? Consider getting cardboard signs. They are very lightweight and affordable promotional displays that you can hang on the walls or from the ceiling. Like most panels, we can cut them into any shape and size your heart desires.

When to use Cardboard sign?

Cardboard signs are a cheap, durable and easy to install option for all your indoor advertisements. They are your best choice, if you want to advertise a sale or your newest product to customers. Hang them on your store window and you are sure to get customers flying in.

Reboard Signs

Reboard Signs | What Signage Material Do I Need to Use?

Want to direct people to on-sale items in your store? Order some reboard signs. They are made out of 100% recyclable material with a honeycomb structure core on the inside and a matte white paper on the outside. We offer them in 10mm or 16mm thickness.

When to use Reboard Signs?

Reboard signs may be lightweight, but they are very sturdy. Made from the best material for hanging signs and panels, they’re the perfect choice for all your indoor advertising. We suggest ordering some reboard signs for your next massive sale and place them next your promotional items. Their light weight will allow you to print them in a larger size, which will definitely lure in customers to your shop.

Different materials yield different results for your signs and panels. Now you know which one to choose the next time you print your artwork into a panel!