What Special Flyer Material Suits the Aims of Your Business Best?

What Special Flyer Material Suits the Aims of Your Business Best?

While using high-quality matte or gloss paper for your flyers is great, why not take your marketing game to the next level by choosing unique flyer material paper? The unique characteristics of these paper materials will not only catch people’s attention but also leave a lasting impression.

Choosing the right special flyer material can help you reach your marketing goals. So, what flyer material paper suits the objectives of your business’s marketing campaigns?

Writable Paper

Writable flyer material paper has an uncoated, muted surface that gives off a more natural feel. This writable flyer ensures that the ink from your pen or marker won’t smudge or skip as it will on gloss or high gloss flyers.

The Best Time of Use

This kind of paper is perfect to use for trade shows, conventions, and sales encounters. You can also use this material for flyers that include a subscription, raffle, or contest form.

Cardboard Paper

The cardboard is a kind of thick white paper cardboard made from bleached chemical pulp. It is a sturdy and durable material that is suitable for all types of printing. This flyer material paper gives customers the impression that your business is classy and professional. 

White Cardboard Paper

The Best Way of Use

Use this material to create premium flyers with a highly sophisticated design. Give these promotions to customers and potential business partners visiting your office for a meeting.

Kraft Paper

Go all-natural with your special flyers by using 283g Kraft Paper. This kind of material has minimal to no dyes and other chemicals, leaving the finished product in its natural brown colour. It is also a tear-resistant, environmentally-friendly material that is 100% biodegradable. 

Kraft Paper

The Best Way of Use

This flyer paper material has a rustic and vintage look, making it perfect for artisanal and green businesses. Though generally stronger and more durable, this paper is more appropriate for indoor use. 

Metallic Paper

Give your flyers that extra metallic shine with Metallic Paper. It is safe to use as it does not use any heavy metals to create its metallic effect. The shimmery effect gives a stylish and professional look that is sure to impress prospective customers.

The Best Way of Use

Bring class and elegance by using Metallic paper for your flyers. This flyer material paper is especially handy in producing your print ads for business meetings or conventions meant for weddings and other black-tie events. Your special flyers will surely impress customers enough that they will want to hire you.

Synthetic Paper

YUPOBLUE Paper is a 100% recyclable synthetic paper made from polypropylene. Its soft and smooth surface has a gentle matte lustre. Despite its delicate appearance, this flyer material paper is tear-proof and resistant to water, chemicals, UV light, and stains. It is also durable enough to withstand demanding printing requirements and arduous flyer distribution process.

The Best Way of Use

This material’s unique characteristics prevent these special flyers from deteriorating quickly during production and distribution. They make the perfect flyer material for print ads handed out to passers-by or left in a rack or stand in public. 

Special flyers create a much stronger impact on your customers than ordinary paper. Don’t miss the chance to impress your customers and choose a different kind of flyer material paper for your flyers!