What to Put on a Personal Business Card

What to Put on a Personal Business Card

Do you think it’s time to invest in some quality personal business cards? They’re not only for people working in companies. Most people create business cards to give away during networking events. Some even use them to get job opportunities during job fairs and social gatherings. Many freelancer creatives use business cards, hoping to snag a potential client.

Making good business cards is easy. You can use design programs like Photoshop or Illustrator to create them from scratch.

Here is the essential information you need to include in your personal business cards:

Your Name

Your Name | What to Put on a Personal Business Card

Your name is the first thing that you should put in your personal business cards. While some would include their full name, it actually makes more sense to put the name you use professionally. It will be the name your client uses when they address you. This makes introductions much easier.

Job Description

Job Description | What to Put on a Personal Business Card

In regular business cards, usually, you would put the job title you have in your company. Personal business cards don’t need that information. Instead, you should include a short description of what you currently do or what you want to do. It should be the work you want to be known for or what you want to be hired for.

Example: Say you are a freelancer in the creative field who has a wide range of skills like graphic design, illustration, video editing, and the like. If you prefer to be hired to do graphic design work, you should put “graphic designer” on your business card.

Contact Details

Contact Details | What to Put on a Personal Business Card

The contact details are the meat of any business card. They enable potential clients to contact you quickly and easily. While you want customers to reach you right away, avoid giving your personal contact details and give the ones you use for professional purposes. Make sure the email addresses and phone number(s) are the ones you frequently check.

Portfolio Link

Portfolio Link | What to Put on a Personal Business Card

If you are a freelancer in the creative field, you must include a link to your online portfolio whether you are a photographer, writer, or artist. Your portfolio should showcase and highlight samples of some of your best work. People need to see what kind of work you produce before they hire you for the job.

Some good business card examples have QR codes. People can scan them and be redirected to your online portfolio website.

Social Media Channels

Social Media Channels | What to Put on a Personal Business Card

Including your social media channels in your business card gives people more information about you, your work, and your way of handling social media. List the social media channels that have the most relevant and recent content to impress potential clients. Avoid putting your personal social media channels in your business cards.

Business cards have a big impact on your career. They help you gain confidence and control over your narrative. They make contacting and hiring procedures faster and easier. Create your own personal business cards right now. Never go to a social event without them ever again!