What’s the Perfect Special Finish For Your Flyer?

What’s the Perfect Special Finish For Your Flyer?

Does your Flyer need an extra, final touch? Then why not add a special flyer finish! This will transform any design into an eye-catching, high-quality flyer to maximise your marketing at a low cost.

But we know that choosing the perfect finish for your design can be difficult, so below we’ve put together a list of finishes you could use to enhance the look and feel of your designs for every occasion!

Metallic Foil 

Stand out from the crowd with metallic foil flyers! Available in four colours: gold, silver, rose gold and copper, you are sure to find one that goes with your design. We think that this flyer finish really gives designs depth and shine, which is great if you want to show that your brand offers elegance, style and sophistication.

When to Use

Out of all the flyer finishes available, metallic foil is the most flexible to use as it can be adapted to different industries, whatever the occasion. The metallic foil will only enhance your design further and is great for maximising your impact in a subtle way.

Glitter Disco Foil 

Glitter disco foil is the perfect flyer finish to make them shine! This flyer finish adds shimmer and sparkle to the paper. Whilst it provides a similar shine as the metallic foil, the glitter disco combines both an eye-catching glitter effect, as well as a smooth surface at the same time to achieve that old school party feel.

When to Use

This flyer finish brings out the fun and excitement in any flyer design, especially those for online festivals, and interactive special events. You are sure to catch the attention of new and existing customers by making them want to dance all night long (in their living rooms)!

Silver Rainbow Foil 

Fulfil your magical dreams with the silver rainbow foil. This flyer finish has a whimsical holographic effect, which produces all of the colours of the rainbow. Much like the back of a CD or DVD, the rainbow colours shift and move as the light moves.

When to Use

This flyer finish can make any design more fun and playful. Add Silver Rainbow Foil to flyers designs that incorporate magic or technology. The perfect undertone for your design and get people excited about your business or service again.

Spot UV 

This material has a thick gel layered on top to really bring your chosen design to life. Similar to Spot UV finish, it is great at highlighting important information, images, or illustrations. By selecting the spot UV, your flyer will be more durable and eye-catching than ever before.

When to Use

The gel overlay is great for a design that contains important information about an upcoming occasion or new service as it really makes them stand out. Want to really grab people’s attention? This flyer finish also has a raised effect, which stimulates the senses of sight and touch.

Time to get designing

Using the right flyer finish can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your flyer and with our selection of special options, we can guarantee that you will find one that suits your design and budget perfectly. Ready to get the party started? Start designing now and comment below!