Which Brands Scare us the most at Halloween?

Which Brands Scare us the most at Halloween?

Who reigns supreme in the battle for the best Halloween promotions? With so many businesses fighting for the spotlight, companies need to get creative with their Halloween marketing ideas. Not only does a Halloween campaign have to grab attention but it also has to be memorable.

The best Halloween campaigns are fun and creative. Here are the top three brands that continuously come up with the best Halloween promotions for the season:


Which Brands Scare us the most at Halloween? | Fanta

When Halloween comes rolling around, you can bet on Fanta to put out all the stops to create wickedly amazing Halloween campaigns. Their Halloween marketing ideas bring not only the spooks and scares but also the brand’s bright and quirky personality.

Fanta utilises both offline and online strategies to create experiential Halloween campaigns. Take their promotions for Halloween 2018 as an example. Fanta produced limited-edition bottles and cans of their new flavours. The packaging designs include spooky designs of iconic Halloween characters and unique QR codes customers can scan to gain access to exclusive Snapchat filters and lenses.

For their main event, Fanta created a Twisted Carnival pop-up attraction in four locations across the UK. Inside the tent, customers will meet a mixture of weird characters in a thrilling and immersive carnival experience.

Burger King

Which Brands Scare us the most at Halloween? | Burger King

It’s all tricks and treats when it comes to Burger King’s marketing ideas. Burger King is famous for poking fun at their competitor McDonald’s with their Halloween Campaigns. Their campaigns always get a smile or a laugh out of their fans.

One of their most memorable Halloween campaigns is their Ghost of McDonald’s Prank. They dressed up one of their branches in white sheets with printed McDonald’s design elements to depict the “ghost” of their competitor. On their sign was the caption, “Booooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween!”

They also poked fun at McDonald’s in their “Come As A Clown, Eat Like A King” campaign where they took advantage of the movie “It” and the scary clown phenomenon. In their campaign, customers can receive a free Whopper burger if they came into the fast-food chain dressed as a clown.

Guinness Beer

Which Brands Scare us the most at Halloween? | Guinness

Guinness always knocks their Halloween campaigns right out of the park. Though simple, their Halloween campaign ideas manage to keep the Halloween theme while still promoting their brand.

Back in 2009, bars served glasses of Guinness with a limited-edition spooky shadow monster coaster. These low-cost promotional items inspired customers to not only get a pint of Guinness but to get into the Halloween spirit. Sales increased as everyone in the bars ordered a pint to get this promotional coaster.

Which Brands Scare us the most at Halloween? | Guinness

Guinness also makes some of the best Halloween-themed posters during the holidays. They always manage to incorporate the iconic Guinness glass while creating creepily creative poster ads. They also come up with humorous Halloween marketing puns in their posters.

As a tribute to one of the most iconic horror movie monsters, for example, they included Frankenstein’s bolts on the sides of the glass. Its caption reads “Bring it to life this Halloween.” The Halloween theme may be subtle but still makes its point effectively.

Which Brands Scare us the most at Halloween? | Guinness

Go where your imagination takes you with Halloween marketing ideas! The best Halloween promotions bring both spooks and laughter to unknowing customers.