Why Branded Pens are the Gift that Just Keeps on Giving

Why Branded Pens are the Gift that Just Keeps on Giving

Are you looking for cost-effective customer gifts this holiday season? You want to express your gratitude to the people who supported you for the past year? You want to give your customers, employees, and business partners something inexpensive but useful in their everyday lives?

Branded pens are one of the most popular freebies for the holidays. They are the gift that keeps on giving. So, what is it about pens that make them one of the most favoured customer gifts?

Useful Everyday

Why Branded Pens are the Gift that Just Keeps on Giving | Useful Everyday

The best customer gifts should be aesthetically-pleasing but helpful to customers, employees, and business partners. By gifting pens, you are giving them practical giveaways they can use to take down notes, sign documents and forms, and even sketch rough ideas.

Economical Marketing

Why Branded Pens are the Gift that Just Keeps on Giving | Economical Marketing

Branded pens are inexpensive business gifts that are cost-effective and durable. These customised writing instruments are cheap, depending on the style of pen. The costs can get even lower if you order them in bulk.

Though branded pens are cheap, they are durable enough to last for a long time. People tend to keep and use them for longer compared to other customer gifts. They can also withstand constant use not only by its owner but also by anyone who borrows them.

Using pens as gifts can have a high initial investment but a low cost per impression when regularly used and passed around. There is also the potential for increased return on investment in the long run. Branded pens also raise awareness and generate interest and curiosity in your brand. 

Subtlety is Key

Why Branded Pens are the Gift that Just Keeps on Giving | Subtlety is key

The beauty of branded pens as holiday freebies is that it puts your brand’s name out there in an inconspicuous manner. Your brand logo may always be in full view every time someone uses the pen, but it never distracts. It does not even pull complete focus when displayed at the front desk, on a pen holder, or in the breast pocket of an employee’s shirt. However, these marketing materials subtly and subconsciously puts your brand at the forefront of their minds. They may not need your products or services in the current time, but they will immediately think of your company when the opportunity arises. 

Goodwill Branding

While primarily used as an expression of gratitude during the holidays, branded pens and other similar customer gifts foster goodwill between you and your customers and help develop a positive association with your brand. People, including your customers, employees, and business associates, will always remember the gesture whenever they use the pen. They might even become loyal customers in the long run.

Increased Sales

Customer gifts like branded pens help create repeat customers who are willing to support your brand. The simple gesture of gifting pens and other giveaways make people feel special and appreciated. Customers who feel valued are more likely to buy your products and services in support of your brand.

It’s amazing how the mere gesture of gifting pens and similar freebies has such an effect on both your customers and your business. Don’t let the competition take advantage of these customised pens first. Head over to helloprint.co.uk and get your own branded pens for your holiday customer gifts!