Why Printed Calendars are the Gift That Keeps on Giving All Year Round

It’s time for the season of gift-giving! The holidays are the perfect time to give meaningful gifts to show people how much we love and cherish them. Even businesses are taking the time to give corporate gifts to their customers to express appreciation for their patronage.

One of the most popular gifts during the holidays are printed calendars. Though many consider printed calendars as mundane everyday items, businesses consider them as the excellent gift that keeps on giving. So, what is it about printed calendars that make them so amazing?

Meaningful and Useful

Why Printed Calendars are the Gift That Keeps on Giving All Year Round |  Meaningful and Useful

Printed calendars make substantial and helpful business gifts that can make your customers’ lives easier. They are not simple, decorative knick-knacks you can store in a cabinet until forgotten. You can display and use them at home or office to keep track of necessary tasks, events, meetings, appointments, holidays, and other occasions all year long. Some designs even allow reminders and checklists to maximise productivity. Including stickers in your printed calendars also enables customers to customise them to their liking.

Year-Long Promotions

Why Printed Calendars are the Gift That Keeps on Giving All Year Round |  Year-Long Promotions

Though the initial investment is high, printed calendars have a low cost per view over time. They also guarantee a high return on investment or ROI for your business.

Printed calendars are great tools for all-year-round marketing. Every time your customers see or use these printed calendars throughout the year, brand awareness and recognition increases. These stationery items inconspicuously promote your brand every time customers reference it.

A well-designed calendar establishes trust, professionalism and legitimacy. Using high-quality images or illustrations shows customers what kind of business you are. It also shows that you invest in quality. Not only for your new year marketing materials but for your products and services as well.

Conversation Pieces

Why Printed Calendars are the Gift That Keeps on Giving All Year Round |  Conversation Pieces

The primary use of printed calendars is to improve productivity and organisation. However, customers can also use them as decorative pieces for their office or home. A printed calendar with a stunning design encourages conversation about your brand. As the number of people who talk about your brand through word-of-mouth increases, brand visibility and recognition also increases. Soon after, your brand will be able to reach your customers’ friends, family, and even acquaintances.

These marketing tools surely are the gifts that keep on giving. Printed calendars may not be the fanciest corporate gift, but they have a tremendous but subtle effect that can last up to a year. Gain an edge over your competitors by using these stationery items for your new year marketing campaign!