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How to help the right people discover your printed brochures and remember them!

Nowadays, standing out amongst your competition has become one of the biggest challenges. With the quick development of new digital tools, the ability to reach a broad audience isn’t as simple as setting up shop, and knowing customers will end up in line, only advertising with simple flyers or booklets. However, this isn’t a reason to be discouraged, because sometimes keeping things simple, can be the best choice of marketing campaign.

1. Do what you promise: If you want to be a useful resource to someone, it is important to know what you do, and do it well. You need to make sure that your service accomplishes what its claims is the foundation to providing good consumer experiences. Remember, if your customers are impressed, chances are high that they will recommend your services to their friends, family and colleagues. Essentially acting as free advertising for your brand

2. Brainstorm before designing: What would stand out to you when you’re going through your day to day life? If you keep these things in mind when designing your set of printed marketing products like brochures, or when you choose cheap booklet printing is what will give your business a boost in brand visibility and recognition.

3. Finding places to promote: Consider this, if you want to advertise your new sports facility with printed brochures, placing them in an ‘all you can eat buffet’ restaurant is probably not going to get you the best results. Knowing your target audience when doing marketing campaigns is what will help pinpoint the right local areas to promote your services. This small effort will be more effective since your target customers are likely to walk past and notice what you are offering. A small bonus is advertising your ‘one time’ promotions and samples, which will add additional emphasis on what your customers can gain.

4. Know your brand: Do you remember frustrating feeling when you had to go through tons of information to answer a few simple questions? You can easily replace that same feeling, by simply detailing what you do in a clear and structured manner. Having some structure to the style and copy of your booklets will do wonders at events and in daily encounters.

5. Promote on the go: The advantages gained by having a presence at events and conferences is often underestimated by emerging businesses. There is a lot of knowledge and market insights to be gained at the cost of only a couple of hours amongst other experienced professionals active in the field. Business events and trade-shows are an easy way to let yourself learn a lot of information about relevant innovation and gain a new understanding into consumers and market trends. This is the environment to not only expand your network. It is also the best place to test out your marketing tools, by gaining feedback and perhaps some handy business cards.

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