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Business Card Templates

Business Card Templates

Are you looking to design and print your business cards online? With a wide range of free business cards templates, creating your perfect design has never been so easy.

Design template inspiration: Which templates can you choose from?

There are lots of options you can choose from. For every goal there is a template available! It's very simple: the only thing you need to do is search for the template in the tool and discover thousands of options. Your perfect business card, right in front of you! Let's look at some template ideas that you can choose from.

How to make effective business cards for your business

Make use of the wide variety of business cards templates! Business cards are suitable for a lot of objectives and industries. But how can you make an effective business card, that speaks to the recipient the way you want it to? Here are some ideas:

Make sure that your business card is visually pleasing

Make sure that your business card is visually pleasing

For your business card design, it is important to use visuals and graphics to make your business card appealing. Make sure to add your logo and icons, for example, but be careful not to overdo it.

Add the necessary information in text

Add the necessary information in text

Your business card design should also include important information, like contact details, social media or an address. Make sure to add this kind of information in readable text.

Match your material to your design

Match your material to your design

Material plays a big role when it comes to actualising your business card ideas. Choose the materials that fits your intent: writeable, matt, velvet or recycled!

How to design and print <br> your business cards

How to design and print
your business cards

  • Select your template (1000+ available!)

  • Make your design personal with images, fonts, icons and graphics

  • Finish and approve your design


What makes business cards effective?

Well, a business card is the first contact between you and your customers telling the story of who you are and what you stand for. A thoughtfully designed business card does not only relay your contact information, but shows you are willing to go the extra mile for your customers. Make sure to keep the information on your business cards short, sweet and memorable. No need for an information overload! Let your images or logo take the stage in order to catch attention. Professional, smart business card templates can be found in the amazing gallery!

What are the design specifications?

When using the Canva design online design you have the option to create a design with the thousands of free online business cards templates. Once you have selected your template you can then go ahead and choose paper type and quantities.
We are only able to use one size per product at the moment, so please keep in mind when ordering.
The scale for most paper products for images, we require at least 300dpi.

What are the next steps after finishing your design?

Once you have finished creating your design, the next step is to click through the design proofing instructions, e.g "check the danger zone" to make sure your business cards print correctly. There are examples included on how your artwork needs to meet our printing guidelines, our chat and phone lines are also open if further guidance is needed.

After checking your artwork, you can choose the finishing, paper type, quantity and delivery date! We offer a wide range of materials and finishes to make your business card even more fitting to your goal.

Failure to complete this correctly can result in unwanted mistakes and HelloPrint can take no responsibility for these issues.

Am I able to download my design without printing?

Unfortunately we do not provide such a service at the moment and you can only download your design once you have ordered your print. Our teams are working hard to be able to provide this feature in the future.
We want to see your design come alive, with HelloPrint we can guarantee you that you will always be offered the best price when printing. So don't hesitate!

Get inspired by all the amazing template options for your design!