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Using personalised calendars for promotion

If you've been looking for an amazing promotional solution for your business, then the chances are that you've considered customised products and branded gifts. While branded pens can easily get lost, mugs can be forgotten about, and Frisbees can be chewed up by the family dog, a branded photo calendar can be a great way to get your product or logo in front of your customer every day, week, and month.

Personalised calendars are the perfect option for those seeking a simple, yet effective way to ensure brand recognition and visibility. They're creative, eye-catching, and the most obvious benefit is that they show off your brand to your target audience every day! As part of your marketing campaigns, they can combine useful media and target branding opportunities that effectively boost your corporate presence, without any expensive budgetary costs.

Using Promotional Calendars for Visibility

Printing your own photographic calendars is a fantastic way to draw attention to your company on a local, and even international level. It can draw attention to your company message, and show off your dedication to high-quality marketing design. On top of that, calendars are inherently useful. They're used for scheduling upcoming meetings, planning dates, and giving people the chance to check availability.

No matter the industry, you can find calendars everywhere. They hang on the wall of schools and businesses, keeping days and weeks organised, and showing professionals exactly what they need to get done. They offer a fantastic solution for managing time, and calendar printing can help you to give your target audience a valuable gift that reminds them of your company value, while helping them to get their job done!

There are plenty of ways to be creative with a custom or picture calendar project. For instance, a landscaping company could use a format that draws attention to pictures of their work to show off the things that they have accomplished for previous clients. Calendars, unlike other promotional items, give you a unique opportunity to show off everything from the behind-the-scenes industry that you're working in, to the unique services, facilities, equipment, techniques, and processes you use as part of your business strategy.

Personalised Calendars: Using Make your Own Calendar Solutions

Unlike online advertisements and traditional television marketing campaigns which can be expensive, calendar printing is a subtle way to get your message across to your audience, and enhance your visibility. With a custom calendar, you can display the professional nature of your business within a range of commercial environments, showing your customers how you can offer unique solutions to their concerns.

If you're on a budget, and you need a practical, affordable, and creative marketing solution, personalised calendars can offer great results. Just some of the different ways you can use them as part of an edge-to-edge marketing campaign might include:

Giving them away at local events and corporate conferences

Offering them as gifts to your most valuable customers

Taking them to local businesses so that they can hang them behind their desk

Selling them with great graphics at a discount price as a way to raise money for charity, and potentially enhance your brand image.

When you create your own calendar for promotional purposes, the possibilities are endless. The important thing to remember is that it's not enough to simply give customers cheap calendars with your logo plastered over them. You need to ensure that everything from the template, to the images you use, represent the goals of your company, if you want to increase sales.

Calendar Printing: Only the Best Will Do

If you want to show your customers that quality comes first, you will need to work with an expert calendar printing company like Helloprint. Here, we focus on delivering only the very best images and photographic results, based on the files that you send us. Our graphics are top of the line, and all you need to do is let us know exactly what kind of design works for your company, so that we can build a calendar layout that suits your marketing technique perfectly. We use only the best printing methods to best represent your company while sticking to your budget!
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Just the best and only printers we will ever use. Gio 7.09.2020

We've used dozens of printers over the years for our sports organisation and have always found the costing to be hard to navigate and hidden behind quotes, or the artwork process even more tedious and frustrating. Too many printers won't provide decent proofs/mockups or assist with any of the artwork being provided. Helloprint are genuinely 'spot on' in all respects. Whether it's standard printing or merchandising, there's nobody we can find who provides such a straightforward, transparent, clearly-priced process. What's more is we have found their artwork revision process to be invaluable. More than once they have revised our artwork for us to make it fit the product better, and the review process leaves no room for error. It's an absolutely fantastic service and company with very fast turnaround and excellent product quality. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Amazing quality, fast turnaround! Jenny Butters 7.09.2020

Helloprint is now the go-to supplier for my small business. The quality is great every time and the items always arrive before expected. So happy to have finally found a company I can rely on! The team is always super helpful too. Thank you!

Helpful War Widows' Association 2.09.2020

Helpful, prompt and friendly staff. We'd had positive feedback on the items from our members!

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