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Carré S Flyers Size

Everything about
Square S Flyers

What is the Square S size for flyers?

Square S flyer size or small square flyers measures at 105 x 105 mm and is the smallest square size flyer available. This flyer format makes for an ideal choice for brief and concise content with a hint of creative design. Additionally, its size makes it convenient for you to keep it in your pocket.

Square S Flyer dimensions in Millimetres, Centimetres and Inches

Paper format: Square S Flyer
Dimensions in milimeters: 105 x 105 mm
Dimensions in Centimeters: 10.5 x 10.5 cm
Dimensions in Inches: 4.1 x 4.1 pouces

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When should I use Square S Flyers?

Because of their small size, carré S flyers make for handy promotional items in fairs and events as it is easy to carry and distribute them. While they offer limited space for design, you can still incorporate short but impacting messages on them. This can be anything from your brand’s motto or a short but strong phrase calling prospects to action.

Additionally, people who receive your promotional material are more likely to keep it as its small size makes it easy to tuck away. This means they are more likely to get to read it when they are no longer preoccupied and may even share it within their circle.

For instance, they are available in four unique thickness such as slim which is at 135 gsm, medium, which is at 170 gsm, standard at 250 gsm, and lastly, 400 gsm for our solid thickness. Aside from this, we have them in three different finishes that will add more value to your promotional item. We have gloss, matt, and uncoated writable finishes.

It is a good size to choose if you want a promotional material that is both eye-catching and that which you can easily keep. Overall, square S flyers make for an ideal option as its convenient to hand out and yet effective.

Printing resolution for square S flyers

When aiming for high-quality print for your square S flyers, the resolution should be 105 x 105 at 300 dpi. It is also essential for you to add a 3 mm bleed so as to prevent your print from developing unwanted white borders after printing and trimming. By using In Design, you can add bleed without many problems. On the other hand, using Photoshop requires you manually adding bleed as it does not have it to begin with. You can also check and use our free templates on the product page of the product you are ordering to make things easier for you.
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