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Branded Chairs

Take a seat, sit back and relax. But do so on a stylish, comfortable chair. Print your own chairs and stand out on a full terrace or event!

Printed Chairs: Why you should be promoting with a personalised chair at events!

Although it's possible to print your logo on many products, adjustable branded chairs make a fun and unique way to display your brand. First off, from a print perspective you're designing for a larger print area. Maybe you just plan to use a PDF image of the company logo or maybe you have colleagues with design expertise that can make a vibrant and colourful artwork that can be ordered online and produced by a UK printer.

Whatever you settle on, your logo and corporate designs will be easily seen on personalised chairs because eyes will automatically be drawn to them. That's why it can be advised to incorporate your business's logo into visually stimulating print ready designs because it will gain you considerable attention. This is especially convenient when visiting events like trade shows and conferences. Custom folding chairs will also come in handy in local attractions, so if it makes sense to advertise your services or products in such a context, local events or sport teams will be a good place to bring your branded chairs. Doing so makes managing your promotional campaigns more diverse as passer bys and potential customers will likely take notice of the display you've created with your printed chairs.

The different types of reclining logo chairs means that there are types available that are ideal for beach and park events for example. This works nicely when the summer weather is warm because more people want to go camping and could use custom camping chairs, which creates another promotional product giveaway opportunity. This could also apply to those enjoying picnics, BBQs and markets which show the relevance of an outdoor personalised chair. Point is, don't keep your business logo digital, but make it into a printed reality with constructive advertising stationery that can serve your brand long term!

Branded Chairs: Create a fun event stand with printed chairs!

When it comes to trade events or possibilities to discuss your brand services, you attract more attention by doing something unexpected with your display stand. An idea is to use a theme for your stand, which doesn't necessarily have to align with your business offers. The task is to make it engaging, so not just placing your leaflets, flyers, A4 books and printed brochures on your allocated table. Instead, you could decorate your stand with a vibrant banner, balloons and matching personalised folding chairs.

For instance, you could recreate a beach with deck chairs and beach chairs. Another option would be to make a simple film set with director chairs with your logo. Using branded chairs in this way also provides a convenient sitting place when interacting with interested passer bys. Your employees or colleagues could also print a television screen cut out for people to pose with to post on social media after you've explained what your company provides. This will go a long way to make use of affordable printing to promote without needing an expensive mass-media advertising approach.

Trying unexpected strategies will also help your company stand out in people's minds, which is what you want when exploring new approaches to gain more publicity. Better yet, as printed chairs are easy to transport, you'll be able to re-use them at different events as well as efficiently store them for the next campaign rounds. Have a little brainstorm with partners and colleagues because the more unique ideas you come up with and apply, the easier it'll be for others to distinguish your brand identity.
  • 16.08.2021

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    I have used HelloPrint many times now. Having compared prices they are the cheapest I have found. Website is really easy to use. Customer service are quick to respond. Importantly the quality of the print is great and the delivery is fast. I cannot fault the product and service and would highly recommend them.

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    Great company

    Great company - Very easy to use website - fast delivery - great prices - great service and fantastic product! Thanks to the team at Hello Print :-)

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    Impressive prices

    Impressive prices, impressive delivery and fantastic quality. Our signage looks absolutely amazing for the price, just want some nice weather now to put it up…can hello print do that?

    John Eccleston
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    These guys know what they are doing! Great quality print, competitively priced with fast turnaround. Recommended, I will use again

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    Very good all in all: great quality printing at probably the/one of the cheapest prices, very reliable, good customer support (if you need). The website is designed so well that even an amateur could design & order printed materials. Delivery is very cheap, fast and always very accurate! Definitely 5 out of 5 Stars for Hello print! We need more businesses like them on the market that focus primarily on the customer experience not on the money!

    Alex L.
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