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Reasons Business Cards Will Never Be Outdated
It is amazing to think that we already have the technology which allows us to send messages or business invitations instantaneously. Many advertisements are also transitioning from traditional to digital as many people are mostly online in various different social media platforms.

Despite this, however, there will be forms of media that will remain relevant for many more years to come such as custom business cards.

What Makes Business Cards An Affordable Medium

Expanding your network is essential as it can help you sustain and grow your business. That being said, it can be challenging to do so especially for small businesses and startups as they only have limited resources. Our personalised and cheap business cards, though, are a cost-efficient means to get good leads and extend your network as it has your brand’s logo, your company’s contact details as well as products and service information. All these features but without you paying for a fortune.

We have classic business cards that are available in different materials. For instance, we have business cards that are far thicker than printing paper, which is ideal for unique and exclusive affairs. We also offer matt laminated cards that offer an extra feeling.

How Business Cards Can Be Versatile Mediums

While business cards are small, you can still put more than just your brand logo and company details on it. In fact, with careful business card design, you can incorporate advertising in it such as special promos or a limited-time product or service. You can even personalise it to make it more visually pleasing. For example, you can have a funny caricature of yourself printed on it or maybe a cute illustration of your favourite pet such as a cat or dog.

We offer affordable folded business cards that have enough room to incorporate your personal design and even special promotions. You can also choose between portrait and landscape orientation. They are also available in a wide range of paper types and finishes such as gloss lamination, writable bright white, and or pearlescent slightly glittering.

How Business Cards Offer Mental Retention

Unlike radio or television ads that only run for a set time, once you give your business cards to your clients and or business partner, it will remain with them for a long time. This will ensure that they remember your brand whenever they see your business card in their wallets, making them more comfortable choosing your brand’s products and services.

For longer mental retention, we recommend our laminated business cards as they come with an extra protective layer, which will keep your custom business cards in top shape. This makes them resistant to dirt and damages, making them a durable medium. This layer or foil can either be one of the following: gloss laminate, matt, or velvet foil.

At Helloprint we offer a selection of affordable business cards that can help increase your brand’s exposure. You can expect us to provide you with a reasonable price, especially if you are making a bulk order. Get in touch with us online during our business hours and we will be more than happy to listen to your business needs.