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T&C Helloprint PRO

Signing up and being part of our Helloprint PRO program is available for all resellers around the world. Of course we do have a few terms and conditions. There aren’t pages full of text, it’s just short and simple. That way, you can proceed with your business as soon as possible.


  • Helloprint PRO is only for resellers. A reseller has to be a registered business and can always prove that products, purchased through Helloprint.co.uk, are sold to third parties (“end customers”).
  • Helloprint has the right to end any partnerships that have signed up with the Helloprint PRO program without reason.


  • Each quarter – if needed - we can adjust your PRO status based on your revenue. Helloprint maintains the right to adjust your PRO status at any time without reason.
  • Helloprint has the right to make adjustments in the profiles and conditions of the Helloprint PRO program that is available at Helloprint.co.uk without reason.
  • At Helloprint PRO we have the following Profiles:


  • Have you seen a product on Helloprint.co.uk with a higher discount than you have on your PRO account? Then the highest discount is valid. Is a sale percentage lower than your PRO discount? Then the PRO discount is valid. So the highest discount is always used.
  • Special extra discounts are only claimable up to the expiry date, and cannot be claimed on a later order. No kick-back discounts.
  • Coupons, codes, vouchers etc. cannot be combined with your PRO discount.
  • Discount on top of discount is not possible.


  • Our account managers are always available weekdays from 8am-5pm (until 4pm on Fridays).
  • We only send quotes when they have been requested through Helloprint.co.uk. We cannot give quotes over the phone or by post.
  • Artwork files that have been uploaded to Helloprint.co.uk need to be of high printable quality to be able to be printed, according to our templates and artwork


  • Helloprint expects from all customers that payments are made before any processing of an order will begin. Helloprint is always entitled to change the payment options and terms that are offered.

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