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Corporate Gifts

Want to give a corporate gift to show your appreciation and/or get your name out there? Here are our current top 3 corporate gifts, and should at the very least give you an idea of where to start.

Best Selling Corporate Gifts

Giving a gift is a great way to market yourself, but what should you give? Well here we have our most popular corporate gifts which are sure to give you a couple of ideas of where to start.



Pens are the classic corporate gift, affordable, stylish and used daily. I think we've all nicked a pen or two in our lives, pens get around. Wouldn't you want that swanky pen to have you brand emblazoned on it?

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A simple and affordable gift, since no matter how much the world changes and evolves, people still find themselves scrambling for paper almost daily for any number of reasons. Don't you think it would be great if that saviour in the form of a notepad had your brand on it?

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Drinking Bottles

Drinking Bottles

A personalised drink bottle makes for a novel gift. Not the most commonly given, but used surprisingly often, whether at work, at home or exercising. Also, when of good quality and with a flashy design, really standout when compared to other gifts.

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Help carry your brand

Bags are a great way to get your brand out and about, since people will literally carry it around for you. Not only are bags more noticiable than other smaller gifts, but they are genuinely useful, so are more likely to taken around town.

Branded Corporate Gifts: Could They Boost your Business?

Companies are comprised of people, and people love an opportunity to get something for free. When it comes to effective marketing and visibility in today's competitive market, it's crucial to make sure that your company stands out with original, and creative branding campaigns. Though attractive digital marketing efforts can draw attention from your target market, corporate presents and promotional giveaways can be a thoughtful way to cement the idea of your company in the minds of customers.

Promotional Gifts for Corporate Visibility

Business gifts work for marketing and professional brand development, because they centre around giving your customers something they want, or need. People are far more likely to pay attention when they receive something for free at celebrations, event receptions, or unexpected giveaways , whether it's commercial gifts online, or promotional gifts that spread your message at tradeshow or event. Freebies are opportunities to build revenue and relationships with other businesses and clients, reminding them that you're willing to offer value, and go the extra mile for your target market. What's more, the right branded corporate gifts at a brand party can literally put your name out there. The more you distribute presents online, and offline, the more you spread awareness for your company by showing off your logo to the masses.

Conventional presents can even save your business money, as they're an incredibly cost-effective form of successful corporate advertising. Because they're often retained and reused, the cost you pay per impression is minimal compared to expensive digital or social advertising strategies. However, branded corporate gifts still work to preserve customer loyalty, building the ideal link between your promotional present, and your client. Giving away branded gifts online, and offline reminds your customers that their business is important to you, and helps them to feel valued, and respected. All the while, you consistently share a positive perception, and consistent branding image for your company, centred around experience.
Gadgets & Technology

Personalised Gadgets That Are Essential When You Are on a Business Trip. When you are travelling for work it is essential, however, to ensure that you have the right gear and gadgets with you. Let the gadget and print expert Helloprint list down the things that you should have when you are on a business trip.

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Home & Living

As a homeowner, you want your family to take pride in a beautiful and comfortable home. That being said, there are many ways to achieving this. For instance, you can install high-quality roofing and energy-efficient windows. You can also improve comfort in your home through interior decoration and personalisation.

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Leisure & Outdoor

Doing outdoor recreational activities is healthy for both the mind and body. If you are someone who prefers spending the day outdoors then it is essential for you to have the right accessories with you. Let your outdoor and print expert Helloprint provide you with a list of things that you should have for a more enjoyable outdoor experience.

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Office Supplies

Personalised office supplies are great for gifts for your customers, your team, or even a nice little treat for yourself to give you a boost at your next pitch or meeting!

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Grabbing everyone's attention during an exhibition is a challenge in itself. However, there's no reason why preperating for one should be needlessly more difficult. Become the centre of attention and be remembered with Helloprint's exhibition products and giveaways.

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Promotional Foods & Drinks

Everyone loves food, especially any food they get for free. Get your brand noticed and remembered with Helloprint's printed food and beverage products, because after all, the way to a person's heart is through their stomach.

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How to Use Personalised Corporate Gifts

There are plenty of creative and interesting ways that you can use corporate freebies to raise brand awareness and visibility for your company. One particularly powerful solution may be organising unusual promotional gifts giveaways during a conference or event, where you want to remind clients and potential customers of your company, even though they're surrounded by potential competitors.

Another solution may be to use personalised business gifts as rewards for people who refer others to your company, or continue using your services for a set period of time. In some cases, branded presents can even be used as a motivational solution to celebrate brand loyalty when a customer decides to sign up for a long-term service, or upgrade their facilities.

Corporate gifts online can even be used as part of company competitions to help build your online and offline presence, such as social media or website giveaways that allow you to build up a greater following, or gather crucial email addresses in exchange for a mug, a bag, or a promotional pen!

Business Gifts: Opportunities for Targeted Sales

The most important thing to remember when using branded gifts, is that if you want to build brand visibility and awareness for all the right reasons, you need to put quality first. Promotional gifts are a great way to increase your chances of targeted sales, because they offer entertainment, while placing your brand name in front of your most valuable leads. However, you need to remind those customers that your company is one that thrives on attention-to-detail, and high-quality. At Helloprint, we design only the best branded business gifts and promotional items, to help you advertise your business in the right light. We can design a unique corporate present online strategy for your business, with artwork and photographic prints that differentiate you from your competition, and help you shine in the corporate landscape.
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