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Make Stickers & Custom Labels

Design and Print your very own stickers & labels. With so many templates to choose from and your own creative touch, you'll be certain to make the perfect sticker or label for you and your brand

Design Stickers & Labels

How to make stickers & labels

You have a beautiful design in mind but you're not sure where to start and how to create your own custom labels?
No worries! With our free design tool powered by Canva, designing your stickers is now incredibly easy.
Follow this step by step guide and start creating your own custom stickers.
Select a template
Select a template

Choose from our wide selection of free design templates and start designing your stickers right away!

Customise your design
Customise your design

Change images, colours, texts, fonts and more with our design tool and simply make your stickers. No need for Photoshop!

Start printing
Start printing

Your stickers are nearly ready to print! Select your finishing, quantity and delivery time and start printing.

What do I need to remember when making my designs?

Make stickers with your design in mind

Every design has a cut off area where your design will not be printed if you go over the lines but also a "danger zone", which runs the risk of cutting off part of your design. Fortunately, our sticker design tool highlights where these zones are (you'll also be reminded when finished designing). Make sure that all text and key points of your sticker design are within the template and not in the highlighted danger zone.
Furthermore, make sure to give it a once over before moving on to the printing steps. It may seem obvious, but unfortunately, spelling mitakes can appear from anywhere. Simply proof reading your text or design can save you from having to reprint everything again, saving time and money.

Keep your purpose in mind when designing your labels (or stickers)

With so many templates and your own overflowing creativity, it is easy to make a sticker, which although pretty, doesn't fulfill its purpose. If you're designing labels to use as name badges for instance, then your logo and where names can be written should be your main focus, as a too involved design may distract people. Furthermore, keep the shape in mind when designing stickers, as some logos or designs may fit better on a rectangular sticker, rather than a circular sticker, for example.

How big or small do you want your stickers?

Finally, once you've got your design and purpose sorted, you need to think about sticker quality, longevity and size. We have stickers large enough to stick to windows, but do you want them to take up the majority of your window? Would you like them to be slightly glossy? Or are you planning to design labels for food products, or to combine with other marketing materials? If so, should they be writable for dates, names, titles or discounts? Or do you need several custom labels for a wide reaching campaign?

What material should your labels or stickers be?

Stickers and labels being such a multifunctional tool for marketing, guiding, instructing or even informing, which material should you choose for the sticker once the design process is completed?
- Glossy labels or stickers gives your design an extra soft sheen to make your message pop. Additionally, they are weather proof and easy to remove, maing them one of our most chosen material types for labels and stickers of all sizes and uses.
- Writable labels do what the name suggests and allow for a more hands on, personal touch for your design. Use these stickers for information that can't be predicted. This can mean name tags, expiration dates or even duration of events.
- Static stickers function without an adhesive layer, meaning they can stick to surfaces like walls and windows without a sticky layer. This means that they are not only easy to apply, but also easy to remove without leaving stains or a mess on your surface.

Our different sizes for circular stickers and labels

Why should I use Helloprint's stickers and labels designs?

With hundreds of sticker templates available and an innovative design tool you can create the stickers or labels of your dreams. Rotate, enlarge and move any part of the template and even upload your own designs or logo to make the picture perfect design. Canva's design tool prides itself on not only being of incredibly high quality, with a huge amount design templates available, but also super easy to use. From there, once your design is completed, its only the matter of picking which material you want your stickers to be made of and having them delivered fast and for free.

Frequently asked questions about Canva design stickers and labels

Can I use my own designs?

Of course! There are two main ways you can go about this: If you have a sticker design, or the beginnings of one, you can upload it in the tool and use all the other features of the design tool to finish or improve your design. This could be useful if you had a logo or branded image that you wanted to have on your sticker, but nothing else prepared for the rest of your design.
The second option, if you have a finished design that you're happy with is to go straight to our stickers page to upload and print directly. Also since this is your own design, there are a few more options available to you. You can try our standard stickers, our PVC labels or of course, you can check out our full range of labels and stickers

Do you have any tips for me?

The greatest tip we can offer is to have a play around with the designs. The design tool is completely free and has many different templates and toolkits. So, take your time and try out several different angles and designs, untill you find the right one.
Beyond that, just remember to keep an eye on the cut off points on designs and to double check your designs before sending them for print. Maybe even getting a second opinion before selecting the materials and quantities for your printed stickers.

What if I need more than one design or type of sticker?

In the case that you want to print multiple different types or designs of stickers then you will need to make a separate order for them. However, you can add several orders to cart and then pay for them all at once when you are ready.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

At Helloprint our customers happiness is our number 1 priority. This ranges from the ease of use of our website, all the way down to the stickers you designed arriving in the exact quality and quantity that you expected, at the right time.
Our hard working customer service agents are available to help you throughout the process, so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact them. And, in the event that your order does not match up your expectations, please reach out to us so that we can try and find a solution together. This could mean a reprint with our fastest delivery option, a return on your order and a full refund, or you can keep the product and have a discount on your next order.


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