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Flyer & Leaflet<br>

Flyer & Leaflet

Discover the advantages of Direct Letterbox Marketing for impactful leaflet distribution. Our UK-wide, professional service offers targeted, audited solus deliveries for maximized reach and visibility.

Maximize Your Reach with Royal Mail Leaflet Distribution

In the age of digital saturation, standing out to your target audience requires a blend of creativity and strategic outreach. At HelloPrint, we specialise in Royal Mail Distribution and Leaflet Distribution, offering businesses a powerful tool to capture the attention of their desired market. In short, leaflet distribution is your brand's handshake with the world – personal, direct, and unmistakably memorable. Ready to leave a lasting impression? Let your leaflets do the talking.

Select Distribution Area

Select Distribution Area

Door to door Campaigns are extremely targeted! Handpick the postcodes for your campaign or get advice from our experts to select your distribution area.

Plan Your Campaign

Plan Your Campaign

You can schedule your door drop up to 13 months in advance, but no less than 3 weeks in advance. We’ll deliver over a two-week period from the start date you select, subject to availability

We Print and Deliver

We Print and Deliver

We make sure your prints get delivered to Royal Mail for door to door distribution. From printing your products in high quality to delivery, we take care of it for you.

What is door to door Leaflet Distribution?

Leaflet distribution is more than just advertising; it's your brand's personal messenger, stepping right up to your customer's front door. Imagine this: a vibrant, eye-catching leaflet, brimming with your message, nestled among the daily mail, waiting to be discovered. It's not just paper; it's a tactile reminder of your brand, a physical nudge in a world oversaturated with digital buzz.

Here's how it works: Tailored marketing materials, ranging from sleek leaflets to engaging postcards, are carefully distributed to homes and businesses. This isn’t a scattergun approach; it’s a precision strike, targeting specific neighborhoods and demographics that align with your audience.

What sets leaflet distribution apart? It's targeted, tangible, and terrifically cost-effective. Your message lands right where your audience lives, works, and relaxes, achieving a level of engagement that digital ads can only dream of. It’s a unique way to cut through the noise, offering a hands-on experience in an increasingly hands-off world.
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Leaflet distribution with HelloPrint

Are you ready to make your marketing spend truly count? HelloPrint's cutting-edge campaign targeting tool pinpoints the households most likely to engage with your leaflets. Enjoy the simplicity of our online design tools and top-tier printing services. Just kick back, relax, and let us handle the rest.

Here's why HelloPrint is a game-changer:

  • Extensive Reach: Tap into nearly every home in the UK. That's right, we're talking about reaching close to 30 million households, all within the bounds of GDPR compliance.
  • Proven Success: Join the ranks of over 500 businesses leveraging HelloPrint's Distribution with Royal Mail , which has successfully distributed more than 150 million leaflets and counting.
  • Premium Delivery Service: Partnering with Royal Mail ensures your leaflets are delivered alongside daily post, not lost in a sea of competitors, ensuring optimal visibility right on the doorstep.
  • Effortless Booking: From strategising to designing, printing, and delivering your leaflets, book online with HelloPrint and we take care of everything else.
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Carefully Crafted Products for Marketing Drops




Flyers and Leaflets are cost-effective and easy to distribute, making them ideal for door-to-door campaigns. They can quickly convey key messages and attract immediate attention.

Classic Flyers

Folded leaflets

Folded leaflets

Folded leaflets offer more space for detailed information while remaining compact. They are perfect for door-to-door distribution as they can effectively communicate complex messages in an organized manner.

Folded Leaflets



Postcards stand out due to their high-quality visuals and concise messaging. Their durability and appealing format make them great for door-to-door distribution, leaving a lasting impression.


Stapled Booklets

Stapled Booklets

Booklets provide comprehensive information in a portable format. Ideal for door-to-door distribution, they allow for in-depth storytelling or detailed product/service presentations.

Stapled Booklets

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Get in touch with our Print Distribution Experts to get your Prints designed, printed and distributed without any hassle. Fill in the form below and get in touch with our experts!

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    Which products should I use for distribution?

    For door-to-door marketing distribution, the following products are ideal due to their direct appeal, ease of distribution, and potential for high engagement:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best way to distribute leaflets?

    Effective leaflet distribution is crucial for maximising the impact of your marketing campaign. Beyond creating well-designed and compelling flyers, it's essential to devise a strategic distribution plan to ensure they reach your target audience efficiently. Key considerations include understanding your audience's preferences, selecting high-traffic locations frequented by your target market, considering weather conditions, and timing your distribution around holidays or events for optimal exposure.

    Various distribution methods offer different advantages:

    • Person-to-Person: Engages customers directly, fostering high engagement. Equip your team with a brief sales pitch and branded uniforms for added legitimacy.

    • Leave a Stack in High Traffic Areas: Places flyers in locations where they're likely to be noticed, such as waiting areas, offering passive exposure.

    • Business-to-Business: Leverages relationships with local businesses for mutual benefit, placing flyers in complementary locations like hardware or furniture stores for a targeted audience.

    • Direct Mail Marketing: Utilizes customer databases to mail flyers directly, offering a broad reach that can extend beyond your immediate area.

    • Door-to-Door: Targets local communities directly at their homes, ideal for local businesses but requiring significant time and manpower.

    • Multi Drop Distribution: Inserts flyers into local magazines or newspapers for delivery with subscriptions, ensuring they reach a specific area's residents.

    • Elevator Pitches: Utilizes the captive audience in elevators to distribute flyers, providing an innovative and unexpected method of engagement.

    Choosing the right distribution strategy is key to unlocking the full potential of your flyers, making your brand promotion more effective and impactful.

    How effective are leaflet drops?

    Leaflet drops stand as a potent marketing strategy when executed with precision. The success hinges on targeting the appropriate audience. For instance, candy store leaflets would find little value in a business district. The design and appeal of your leaflet are paramount; vibrant visuals and compelling offers are more likely to grab attention and engage potential customers. Positioning your leaflets in areas frequented by your target demographic enhances visibility and impact.

    How much does it cost to deliver leaflets?

    The cost of delivering 1000 leaflets varies depending on the type of delivery service chosen. There are two main types of leaflet distribution services: Solus and Shared.

    • Solus Delivery Cost: Solus distribution means that your leaflets are the only ones delivered through each door at that time. This exclusive service tends to be more expensive due to the dedicated nature of the delivery. The cost for Solus delivery is approximately £75 per 1000 leaflets, plus VAT. This service is tailored for those who prefer their leaflets to be the sole focus during delivery, ensuring no competition with other materials.

    • Shared Delivery Cost: In contrast, Shared leaflet distribution involves your leaflets being delivered alongside one or two other non-competing leaflets. This method is more cost-effective, as the distribution costs are spread over multiple clients. The cost for Shared delivery is around £48 per 1000 leaflets, plus VAT. Shared distribution is recommended in areas like London, where mailboxes often receive a significant amount of marketing material daily. The logic here is that since many leaflets and letters are delivered each day, sharing the delivery with other non-competing businesses won't diminish the impact of your leaflet.

    The choice between Solus and Shared distribution depends on your budget, the exclusivity of your campaign, and your strategic marketing goals. While Solus distribution offers the advantage of exclusivity, Shared distribution provides a more cost-effective way to reach potential customers, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to maximise their marketing budget.

    What kind of response rates can I expect?

    Let's talk numbers – research from the Direct Marketing Association indicates:
    • Between 62 to 71% of consumers find door drops useful.
    • 48% have visited a store, bought a product, or sent for information because of a door drop.
    • 79% keep, pass on, read, or glance at door drops.

    How long until my leaflets hit the streets?

    This one's a bit like asking, "How long is a piece of string?" It really depends on how you want us to distribute and the size of your project. Don't fret, though. We're here to chat through your needs and give you a ballpark on the timeline.

    How do I get my products or leaflets to Royal Mail?

    We take care of it all! Simply reach out to our experts, let us know which postcodes to target and we will take care of the documents for Royal Mail. We take care of the print, the process for distribution and ensure on-time door-to-door distribution for your marketing campaign.

    Why do some postcodes cost more than others?

    Curious why prices vary by postcode? Here's the deal: Some neighbourhoods are like a game of hide-and-seek with houses playing hard to get. They're spread far and wide, making our job a bit like a mini adventure. But don't worry, we're all about making things easy-peasy for you. We'll map out your target area and provide a tailored quote that fits your campaign perfectly. Simple, right? Just how we like it at HelloPrint – no hassle, just results!

    Do I need permission to distribute flyers?

    The need for permission to distribute flyers varies based on the method and location of distribution. Here's a breakdown per distribution type:
    • Door to Door: Generally, you do not need specific permission to distribute flyers door to door as long as they are unaddressed and not covered by mail preference services. However, respect should be given to homes displaying notices against unsolicited mail, as ignoring these requests can negatively impact the perception of your campaign.
    • Hand to Hand: Distributing flyers directly to individuals in public spaces may require permission from local authorities. The rules can vary significantly depending on the area, so it's crucial to research local regulations beforehand. Professional flyer distribution services can handle this aspect, ensuring compliance with local laws.
    • Business to Business (B2B): When distributing flyers to businesses, explicit permission from the business owner or manager is necessary. This is particularly important if you plan to leave flyers in a location where business customers can pick them up. Ignoring this step or distributing flyers without consent, especially in places with no soliciting signs, is not only disrespectful but could also be considered illegal.
    • Car to Car: Laws regarding flyer distribution on vehicles can differ from those for buildings or public spaces. You might need to place flyers in a manner that doesn't allow them to be easily read by passersby without picking them up, to avoid them being considered advertisements. Permission might be required from the local government for public spaces or from property owners for private parking lots.
    • Posting Flyers: Legally posting flyers in the UK requires obtaining permits from local councils for public places or consent from private property owners. This ensures that your flyer distribution complies with local regulations and respects property rights.
    In summary, while door-to-door flyer distribution often does not require special permission (except in cases where homeowners explicitly refuse unsolicited mail), other methods such as hand-to-hand, B2B, car-to-car, and posting flyers in public spaces typically require some form of authorization. This could be from local authorities for public areas or directly from property owners for private spaces. Always check local regulations and obtain the necessary permissions or permits to ensure your flyer distribution efforts are legal and respectful of community standards.

    How long does it take to distribute leaflets door to door?

    The duration required to distribute flyers or leaflets hinges on several key elements: the geographical scope of the distribution, the volume of recipients, and the distribution timing. Distributing 1000 flyers to businesses might extend the timeline compared to residential deliveries due to varied locations and operational hours. For door-to-door leaflet campaigns, a good benchmark is allocating around 30 minutes for every 100 households, translating to roughly 10 hours for 1000 leaflets. In bustling areas like shopping centers or near transit stations, your distribution pace can significantly increase. Planning with a buffer in time is wise, ensuring a smooth and unhurried campaign execution.