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Election Campaign Materials

Election Campaign Materials

As the General Election approaches on July 4, 2024, it’s essential to maximise your campaign's impact with our selection of election print products! From eye-catching posters and flyers to neatly folded leaflets, we have everything you need for a winning campaign.

Sustainable Outdoor Election Campaign Materials

Make your campaign stand out with HelloPrint's premium outdoor election materials. Our durable banners and Forex signs are perfect for creating impactful polling station signage. Designed to withstand the elements, our products ensure your message is clear and visible, rain or shine.

Choose HelloPrint for your campaign needs and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. We use eco-friendly materials and processes to minimise environmental impact, making your campaign not just effective but also responsible.
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Our Flags are Sustainable, Durable and Affordable

Win votes this coming elections with HelloPrint's Election Campaign Flags, crafted from rPET sustainable flag material. Our flags are made from 100% recycled materials, showcasing your commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Our durable, high-quality flags not only make a visual impact but also demonstrate your dedication to a greener future. With vibrant colors and strong materials, our sustainable flags ensure your message stands out while protecting the planet. Choose HelloPrint for eco-friendly election campaign materials that resonate with today's eco-aware electorate.
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Stand Out with Custom Campaign Merchandise

Explore our range of custom campaign merchandise designed to make your political campaign stand out.
From branded buttons to promotional apparel, find everything you need to engage voters and boost your campaign's visibility,

Understanding Imprints on Election Materials

An imprint on printed election materials shows who is responsible for publishing them. It must include the name and address of the publisher and, if applicable, the person or organisation on whose behalf the material is published. The printer's name and address must also be included. All printed election materials, need an imprint.

HelloPrint does not take responsibility for the content of printed materials. If your design requires a specific imprint, please ensure it is included in your design. If you have any doubts, we recommend enquiring with the Electoral Commission.
Visit the website of the Electoral Commission

Our sustainable standards

At HelloPrint, we think it’s crucial to take into consideration the environmental impact of our products. This is particularly important since a significant amount of advertising, promotional, and giveaway materials are produced in large quantities for distribution and are typically designed for single-use. Therefore, switching to more sustainable alternatives is necessary to reduce your environmental impact. By making conscious choices and opting for eco-friendly products, you can play a vital role in making a positive impact on the environment and help future generations live decently. To better understand what our eco-products are made of, and how they are contributing to lower our impact on the environment, here is more information.

Our FSC® Certification

Our FSC® Certification

With our FSC® certification, we commit to responsible forestry. This certification indicates that specific paper products used by HelloPrint come from forests that are managed in an environmentally sustainable, socially beneficial, and economically viable manner. By incorporating our product range with FSC certified materials, we demonstrate our dedication prioritising sustainability.