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Information on:
All Envelope Sizes

Information on: All Envelope Sizes

Which envelope size is right for you?

Still to this day, envelopes are widely underestimated as an offline marketing tool and seen as nothing more than a stationary allowing to get documents from one place to another. This lack of awareness of the true marketing potential of envelopes offers a great opportunity for businesses to stand out with well-designed envelopes. At an age where attention is becoming ever more challenging to grab, every detail counts. As such, adding a design or text to your envelope can set you apart and take your direct mail marketing campaigns to the next level. Check out our range of Printed Envelopes

Distributing flyers in mailboxes is less and less efficient, especially if everyone is doing it. Eventually, your campaign will just be another flyer in a crowded mailbox ready to be thrown away without being given any attention. Envelopes can change this. It is essential to create a great visual design that is sure to grab the recipient's attention while matching your brand image. With this, you can be sure to be noticed and subconsciously pique people’s curiosity, driven by the will to discover what is inside. By using a creative envelope, you will therefore attract precious attention to its content and get ahead of competitors.

For direct mail marketing campaigns to promote your brand, your event or your current deals, smaller envelope sizes are recommended. A5 is a common size for leaflets and as such, EA5 (220 x 156 mm) and C5 (229 x 162 mm) envelopes are equally recommended. For smaller flyers of size A6, C6 envelopes (162 x 114 mm) should be your go-to. DL size envelopes C5(220 x 110 mm), also known as EA56 envelopes are most common for transactional letters but can also be used for offline marketing to send bookmarks, folded leaflets or flyers of DL and A Long size. Also, consider square formats which are most common for invitations and greeting cards.

Mail can also be transactional and as such, it is important to portray a professional image, as it affects your brand image. To send business mails to partners or customers such as invoices or quotes, two particular formats are recommended. The first format is the best-known DL envelope, of dimension 220 x 110 mm. This slick format is ideal for sending transactional emails as it allows to neatly fold A4 pages. Its size is big enough to add your company name and logo in the corner, to come off as extra professional and to get your mail recognised. Of course, this format is also available as a full surface for maximum impact.

If your business sends such transactional mails but you do not wish to fold the documents as is required with the DL format, opt for the larger C4(229 x 324 mm) and EA4 (220 x 312 mm) envelopes. Such envelopes ensure that your documents are not folded and therefore appear more professional when arriving to the recipients. Furthermore, this size offers a very large surface that can be customised with an original design. This way, you can be sure not to go unnoticed.

Below is a list of the different envelope formats for your printing reference.

Enevelope Size Guide

DL 220 mm x 110 mm 22 cm x 11 cm

C0 917 mm x 1297 mm 91.7 cm x 129.7 cm

C1 648 mm x 917 mm 64.8 cm x 91.7 cm

C2 458 mm x 648 mm 45.8 cm x 64.8 cm

C3 324 mm x 458 mm 32.4 cm x 45.8 cm

C4 229 mm x 324 mm 22.9 cm x 32.4 cm

C5 162 mm x 229 mm 16.2 cm x 22.9 cm

C6 114 mm x 162 mm 11.4 cm x 16.2 cm 4.5

EA4 312 mm x 220 mm 31.2 cm x 22 cm

EA6 156 mm x 110 mm 15.6 cm x 11cm

EA5 220 mm x 156 mm 22 cm x 15.6 cm

EA56 220 mm x 110 mm 22 cm x 11 cm
Printed Envelopes

Printed Envelopes

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With these, you can be sure to choose the best size for your printed envelopes to better help you achieve your marketing goals. You can also check our website for more information regarding our various promotional materials and sizes that will surely match your brand. Feel free to contact us or request a quote.