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  • What should I do if I have a complaint?

    If you have a complaint, simply fill out a complaint form on our website contact page. We will always treat any problems very seriously, and we'll make it our priority to find the right solution for you as fast as we can. By providing all the details we need through this form we can solve your complaint as quickly as possible.

  • There is something wrong with my order. How do I proceed?

    Please inform us of any complaints or concerns through our contact form contact page or our complaints form immediately upon discovery of any problems. By including as much information as possible and clear images of any damage or problems we can solve this as quickly as possible for you.

  • The printing quality is not good.

    This can be caused by several factors. For example, the prints were not properly cut or because the artwork wasn't formatted correctly to begin with. Together we'll indicate what the problem is and find the right way to rectify this problem. We will be honest about the mistakes we make! Please notify us immediately if you notice something that's not quite right. Report any problems or errors to us via our complaints form. By providing all the details we need through this form we can solve your complaint as quickly as possible.

  • My delivery is late. Can I claim the delivery costs back?

    When ordering with Helloprint, you pay for your order to be printed and produced within a certain time and then to be sent with your selected delivery speed. Once this is done, it is no longer within our control. If there has been a delay due to our production team, we will happily try to offer a good solution as this was our mistake. Once your order is dispatched with the correct sending method you paid for, we then rely on our contracted couriers to deliver this to you on time. Unfortunately, delays experienced while your order is being transported are completely out of our control, so Helloprint cannot be blamed for this and is not liable for any damages caused by late deliveries caused by delays with our couriers. All delivery dates shown on our website are best estimates and may vary slightly depending on your delivery address.

    That being said, approximately 95% of all orders arrive on time. We will always do our very best to ensure that your order is dispatched and delivered on time.

    We always recommend to place your order with plenty of time to spare just in case.

  • Why does the print I've received look slightly different than my digital proof?

    This can be for a variety of reasons, such as your artwork was submitted in RGB colouring, the sizing was not correct or the image resolution was not clear enough. To avoid disappointment, please read the submission specifications thoroughly and consult our free artwork templates.

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