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  • What delivery- and cut-offtimes do the pavement signs have?

    You can get the pavement signs of Helloprint with lightning speed. You can choose multiple options for your delivery, hereby the options for pavement signs:
    Next Day
    3 working days
    4 till 5 working days

    We as Helloprint have one the deadline for uploading your file. The deadline for uploading the file is 11.30AM.

    Do you want to know which deadline applies to you? Hereby an overview:

    Chalk Board
    All quantities - 11.30AM (1 working day)

    Swing Base
    All quantities - 11.30AM (1 working day)

    Water tank
    All quantities - 11.30AM (1 Working day)

    Folding board
    All quantities - 11.30AM (1 working day)

    Orange water tank
    All quantities (1 working days)

    Delivery date only applies if your artwork is uploaded and approved.

  • Which pavement card type can I choose?

    Chalk Board
    With Chalk pavement signs you can creatively make an impression on the street.Interrupt the dull grey pavement with an authenitc pavement sign that features your daily or weekly offer

    Swing Base
    Swing Base pavement sing is very stable and durable, the posters held in place magnetically

    Water Tank
    Water tank pavement signsWater filled base with wheels, the water tank pavement sign is protected aginst all weather condictions

    Folding borad
    Double sided pavement sign and it is easy to fold and carry, you can use it indoor and outdoor

    Orange water tank
    the orange color pavement sign is stable and wheeled base for easy movement.

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