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  • What are my payment options?

    Helloprint offers several payment options. The fastest and easiest way for both you and us, is a payment with your credit or debit card or via PayPal. This way the payment will be made immediately and comes directly to us. We can then immediately start with checking your artwork. Once your artwork is approved, we'll take your order into production. That's why ordering with Helloprint is hassle free!

  • Can I download an invoice from my order?

    When you log into your account on our website, your invoice can be downloaded and viewed as a PDF. In addition to this, we also have an automated system that sends your invoice by email after delivery. So don't worry, we'll always keep you informed about what you have paid, or still have to pay.

  • My payment failed. How can I fix this?

    In this case it's best if you can firstly try a different payment method if possible. If this is not possible, we'd recommend you to then call us and speak with our customer service team on 0203 095 2908 or email us through our contact page. Our phones are always open during office hours and our staff will be happy to help you complete your order. Your payment could have failed for a number of reasons which can make it difficult to determine where the problem lies. We'll always try our best to help and we'll always find a solution!

  • I have more that one item in my shopping cart. Why do I pay fast turnaround costs per item in my cart?

    We want to give you as many options as possible for your order. Turnaround costs apply per item in your shopping cart because you can then choose to have one item produced faster than the rest of the items in your shopping cart if needed.

    Also, some of our products are printed in different locations as we have different print shops in various locations for trade purposes. For this reason, some items may be produced and shipped separately. This setup also allows us to send each item to you as soon as it is finished printing. Otherwise, we would have to wait for other parts of your order which might take longer to produce.

  • Can I place an order via email?

    For the best and most efficient results, we require all orders to be placed through our website. This allows us to receive all the details of your order that we require, and minimizes any room for error.

  • Can a voucher for your website be redeemed for cash or as a refund to my bank account?

    All voucher codes can only be used on our website and cannot be redeemed for cash or as a refund to your bank account. If a credit is granted as a result of a complaint and the order was paid for using a voucher, the voucher will be re-activated for future use, not refunded to your bank account.

  • Can I pay for my order via invoice?

    We require all payment to be received before printing starts. This means that unfortunately we do not currently offer payment by invoice as a payment option. The fastest way to get your order payment to us is through payment either by credit/debit card or by paypal.

  • Are the prices on the website including VAT?

    Prices shown on our website are excluding VAT. When you make all your selections for your product, you will be shown the price including VAT in the summary of your order if VAT is applicable to that product.

  • Will I receive a VAT receipt?

    Yes, when your order is paid for in full an invoice will be available to download from your account - VAT details can be found there.

  • We're a charity. Can I claim back VAT or purchase products without VAT?

    Unfortunately we do not provide VAT relief for products, except for most flyers and brochures, where VAT is not charged. This is shown in the prices on our website. If you are a charity and have a VAT number, you can reclaim the VAT you've paid on certain eligible products in your regular VAT return to the HMRC. You may also be able to apply for a VAT number to reclaim the VAT costs you've paid. For more information about how to reclaim VAT, please contact the HMRC.

  • What products are VAT zero-rated?

    Due to the complex requirements of the HMRC in regards to zero-rated products, we only offer some products without VAT, which are most in line with the HMRC guidelines. Currently these products include flyers and stapled brochures. This is to ensure that we are in line with the UK laws and regulations. If you have a product that you believe is VAT zero-rated, you can usually claim this back yourself through your regular VAT return. If you have any questions about this please contact us - we'll always do our best to assist you.

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