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Product Information

  • How can I get more information about paper types?

    We want to help you as much as possible when it comes to finding the right product to fit your needs. If the information on our website is not always clear enough for you, then we're always on hand to help. Call 0121 285 7464 during office hours, or email us through our contact page.

  • What software should I use for my files?

    Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are in our opinion the most useful programmes for the layout and designing of printed matter. Of course there are other applications used for formatting and printing, and we can also accept these files. It is important that you provide the files as a print ready PDF, JPEG or TIFF.

  • Why do the colours on my screen look different from the printed file?

    Usually there are no visible differences, but sometimes there are minor changes in colour between the submitted files and the finished product.

    Because your computer screen has a different colour composition (RGB) than a printing press (CMYK), a slight colour alteration can occur. If you want more information on colour differences and what you can do about it, then take a look at our blog, and this article about difference in RGB, CMYK & PMS colour.

  • What is Pantone colour (PMS)?

    Pantone colour, also known as PMS, is a highly professional colour approach. These solid colour codes are the same all over the world. By using this colour code with, for example a logo, they will always be exactly the same without any real colour difference. We only offer some products to be printed with PMS colours, so if you've chosen to order one of these products, make sure your artwork is also created with the PMS colours you want it to be printed in.

  • Do the flags you sell come with flag poles?

    The only flags that you can choose to purchase flag poles as well as the flags are our beach flags. This includes teardrop flags and sharkfin flags too as they are also classed as a beach flag. All other flags such as street flags, banner flags and custom flags do not come with flag poles. Unfortunately at this time we do not sell any other flag poles. We'd encourage you to try to source these locally.

  • Can my order be printed on a different paper type?

    For most products on our website we will provide you with a few choices of paper types. We want to give you good options, while also keeping it simple. Unfortunately we do not offer paper types other than the paper types that are listed on our website for that specific product.

  • Can you provide more information about the different paper types?

    We’d be happy to! Firstly, all of our paper types are graded with the acronym “GSM” or “Grams per Square Meter”. Simply put, the higher the GSM number, the thicker the paper will be. This also depends on the type of paper as to the weight of the paper, so don’t assume every type of paper will be exactly the same weight. To give you some indication of this, the average postcard is approximately 300gsm, while the average business card is approximately 400gsm.

    We also provide different finishes such as silk, matt and gloss, which are a specific type of finish on the paper. If we offer different paper types and different finishes for that product, you will have the option to select what you would like when placing your order on our website.

  • What is UV varnisch?

    UV coating is basically a compound that is applied to paper wet and then instantly dried by ultraviolet light. Several different types of compounds are used to coat paper. UV coatings can vary in reflectivity and thickness, depending on the application, though a high gloss or subtle matte are typically used in premium printing applications.

  • What is the difference between gloss and silk paper in general?

    Gloss has a shiny surface and isn't suitable for writing on, silk has more of a matt finish and can be written on with most pens.

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