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Personalised Flag Printing

Personalised Flag Printing

Design your own flags with ease! Make an impact with printed flags to promote your business, celebrate an event, or make a statement.

Flag Printing Bestsellers

Explore our collection of Personalised Flag Printing. From custom sized flags tailored to your choice, to banner flags or shop flags to advertise your business, HelloPrint has got you covered!

Making Recycled RPET our Standard

Making Recycled RPET our Standard

Revolutionising the printing industry takes time and effort. We do it step by step, starting from our flags.

- We make RPET our standard material of choice
- We are committed to high environmental standards
- We do not compromise on quality and price

The 🇬🇧 No.1 in Flag Printing

Choose HelloPrint for unbeatable prices, top-quality materials, fast turnaround, and free design templates to bring your ideas to life!

  • Best Price

    You will always get the best price in the market. Found it cheaper elsewhere? We'll match it!

  • Recycled material

    We have made RPET material the standard without compromising on price or quality. Choose green with HelloPrint.

  • Free Online Designs

    We've teamed up with Canva so you can design and print flags in just a few clicks.

  • Fast Delivery

    We offer lightning fast delivery options. HelloPrint is always there for your urgent needs.

Design & Print Flags with Canva

Capture Your Brand's Essence with Canva & HelloPrint: Creating Flags has never been simpler! HelloPrint collaborates with Canva to offer you an intuitive design journey, converting your brand identity into physical representations. Whether you're a design beginner or an expert, our partnership with Canva enables you to produce striking Flags that leave a lasting impression. With thousands of professional templates and a user-friendly interface, crafting your ideal Flag is just a few clicks away.
Start designing now!

Flag Reviews: Why Customers Love Our Products

  • 8.07.2024

    Pride on a print

    Easy ordering and swift delivery As the flag arrived the team was impressed of the quality of product It’s a gem for our team and we are proud to show it

  • 8.07.2024

    Excellent service

    Excellent service. Advised on quality, layout etc and very fast delivery. Customer service was top quality and I will certainly use again!

  • 8.07.2024

    Custom Flag

    Very pleased with service and advice recieved. Communication was very good and responses prompt. Value for money excellent.

    Neil Byrne
  • 6.07.2024

    Great service

    Great service

  • 24.06.2024

    Lovely quality flag and quick turnaround

    Lovely quality flag and quick turnaround

    Shirley Townley
  • 22.06.2024

    Perfect Customer Care.

    Perfect Customer Care.

    Angelo Maria Micciulla

What type of Flag should I choose?

The 4 Principles of Flag Printing

1. A major benefit of promotional flags is their visibility. They are incredibly versatile marketing tools, coming in various sizes and designs like boat, facade, and beach flags. Whether it's an indoor or outdoor event, there's a perfect flag model to suit any setting.

2. Standing out with your brand is crucial. One effective way to achieve that is by personalising a printed flag with your logo, vibrant colours, puns, or striking images. These creative flags not only engage your target customers but also create a positive association with your brand, making your business more memorable in the area.

3. Take your band with you and promote from anywhere. Advertising flags are portable and can be conveniently tucked into a carrying case, ensuring you can spread your message with ease.

4. Investing in a well-made flag is a smart choice. Strong, weather-resistant material ensures durability, saving you from the hassle of constantly repurchasing advertising essentials. Enjoy the benefits of longevity and reliability, allowing your flag to withstand the elements and serve as a lasting and cost-effective marketing tool.

Which finish should I choose?

Cord and loop

Cord and loop

White hooks

White hooks

Tunnel with white band and hooks

Tunnel with white band and hooks

Black hooks

Black hooks

Tunnel with black band and hooks

Tunnel with black band and hooks



The flag material will be cut in your chosen format without reinforced edges or rings. The flag will therefore not be hemmed and has no other finishes. With all other finishes, flag fabric RPET will be hemmed and Longlife will not be hemmed.

Hemmed with rings every 30 cm

Hemmed with rings every 30 cm

A hemmed finish with rings every 30 cm means the edges are folded and sewn to create a neat finish, with rings every 30 cm for easy hanging. The rings have an internal diameter of 1.20 cm.

Hemmed with rings in left corners

Hemmed with rings in left corners

A hemmed finish with rings in the left corners means the edges are folded and sewn for a neat look, with rings added in the two left corners for easy hanging. The rings have an internal diameter of 1.20 cm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to print a flag?

At HelloPrint, we aim to offer competitive prices all year long. You can print a personalised flag from just £7.95 (excluding VAT). Please keep in mind that prices vary depending on factors such as quantities, materials, sizes, accessories, and delivery options.

How long does it take to print a custom flag?

We offer various turnaround times for our personalised flags. Turnaround times range from 1 working day to longer options, depending on the specifications of your flag. Delivery usually takes no longer than 6 days.

What is the standard flag size?

There is no one specific size for all flags, it depends on your selection. For example, our most sold custom flags measure 150 x 90 cm, our most sold banner flags are 100 x 300 cm and our most sold beach flags are 65 x 315 cm. If you need help determining the right size flag for you, don't hesitate to contact us.

How to make custom flags?

To create standout custom flags, simply follow these steps:
  • Select the ideal shape, size, and material for your flag.
  • Design your flag and upload your logo or artwork.
  • Ensure your file is print-ready with assistance from our experts.
  • Sit back and patiently await the delivery of your custom flag!

What flag printing techniques do you use?

For flag printing, we standardly use two print techniques:
  • Sublimation: With this technique, the printing is carried out at a high temperature, where the eco-friendly water based ink seeps directly into the material. The material remains flexible and is waterproof.
  • U-V Print: The flag is printed with eco-friendly UV ink, which is immediately cured with a UV light. Curing ensures that the wet ink doesn't spread once printed, offering sharper quality prints.

How can I maintain my promotional flag over time?

Flag maintenance is essential for prolonging their lifespan and vibrant appearance. Each flag material comes with specific washing instructions, which can be found on the individual product pages. To ensure optimal results, consider these general recommendations:
  • Protect your flag from extreme weather conditions.
  • Avoid storing printed flags while wet, as this may accelerate colour fading; instead, allow them to hang dry.
  • Be cautious about placing flags in areas where they might come into contact with rough surfaces, cables, or tree branches.

What to do with a flag after I no longer need it?

Is your event or campaign over? Then do not throw away your beach flag. You can store it in a dark place. With proper care and less direct exposure to sun, high winds and excessive moisture, beach flags can be used season after season! You can even consider donating your beach flag to local organisations or schools so they can repurpose the flags according to their needs! If your beach flag is made from recyclable materials, such as rPET fabric, you can ask your local recycling facilities if they accept these materials.