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Attract attention with 4 simple flag printing solutions

It’s obvious marketing isn’t free, but doing it effectively doesn’t need to break your bank account either. Whether you’re refining your target audience, promoting services or simply enhancing communication with your customers; you’re better off putting together feasible strategies to market your business, rather than spending a fortune. Using advertising flags is an inexpensive, long-term investment, and a sure way to catch the eye of anyone passing by, here’s why:

- A benefit of promotional flags are their visibility. They’re versatile tools, that are available in diverse sizes and designs (like sail, flutter and beach flags); there is a model to satisfy each event and setting, whether in or outdoors.
- If you’re stuck on a long journey, chances are you want to be entertained. So, give people something to remember by personalising a printed flag with your logo, vibrant colours, puns or striking images. Creative flags directly reach your target customers and ensure that others associate your brand with a positive connotation; helping your business stay memorable in your area.
- Advertising flags are portable and can even be tucked into a convenient carrying case, which will benefit your efficiency; keeping your campaign materials light wherever you go.
- A well-made flag will last some time, as their weather resistant material will stop you having to constantly re-purchase advertising essentials immediately.

Save yourself a pretty penny with a flag of your choice, great for multiple promotion cycles and upcoming events. You’ll be doing your business and the environment a favour by ordering printed flags to represent your brand!

Which printed flag is for me?

Having options to choose from can be exciting, but also daunting. How do I make the right choice for an event? What if I make the wrong one - what on earth will my boss do? When it comes to flag printing, there is something for each situation, so no need to panic! Here’s some advice on designing the right one!

Where exactly will my flag be? What is the venue?

If it's indoors, anyone of our flags could be used. However, flags made with ‘normal flag material’ is a likely solution, as they are suitable for indoor promotion. These flags will also be neatly hemmed along the edges, ensuring your printed content looks professional.

In case your printed flags need to withstand harsher weather conditions, there is ‘long-life material’. This material is produced with perforated tiny holes and remains unhemmed to allow the flag to overcome a windy day! A small tip when ordering long life, is to use your logo or other eye-catching images in your design! They will stand out at a distance, whereas telephone numbers and smaller text may not be as easy to read.

What style of advertising flags are available?

There are also different designs for different settings. You can ultimately make the final call but our ‘beach flag’ model will come in handy with a multiple stand options, and designs (feather, drop, sharkfin or square flags) that are striking, easily (de)constructed and come with a convenient carrying case.

Or go the classic route with a ‘street flag’ or its sleek alternative, a ‘banner flag,’ that are created for those that already possess a secured pole and can hoist their design for all to see. Maybe you’re simply after something creative to hang outside your shop then ‘facade’ or ‘shop’ flag will leave a lasting impression to anyone walking down the street.

A bonus is that you will see your artwork on both sides of your promotional flags, making sure no one misses the services your business has to offer!

How to get the best of my buck - 4 tips for maintaining promotional flags.

- With normal flag material, remove from extreme weather conditions, which can shorten the flag's lifespan.
- Wash your business flags as you would delicates like woolen clothes, which will help preserve the colours. Washing your flag (approximately) every month will also contribute to this.
- Do not store your printed flags wet, as this may cause the colours to fade faster; instead allow it hang dry.
- Try to avoid placing beach flags where they can blow into rough surfaces, cables or tree branches.
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