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Flyers & Folded Leaflets

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What’s the difference between flyers and folded leaflets?

Flyers and folded leaflets are both a print advertising material. They are both an amazing marketing product, which allows you to create a more personal connection with your customers. The main difference between the two is the number of folds in the paper. While a flyer is a single paper, which can have a design on both sides, a folded leaflet is usually a paper material, which has a number of folds, depending on its aim and purpose.

How do I pick the best one for me?

The choice between a flyer and a folded leaflet depends both on your business and marketing campaign aims. Let’s go through the peculiarities of both marketing materials:

1. Flyer

A flyer is an ever-lasting, classic marketing choice. You can use it for all of your campaigns. You can put quite some information on both sides of the flyer and it proves to be quite useful, since it can contain information that is short enough to grab attention, but long enough to provide all the necessary information. No matter the field of your business, you are always sure to make use of such a versatile marketing material.

2. Folded leaflets

There are numerous types of folded leaflets. They vary by the complexity of their folding. The number of folds in your leaflet can vary between 2 to 8. The rule of thumb with folded leaflets is the more complex your business and the more you have to say, the more folds you need. For instance, if you are going to advertise a new product collection, maybe add a couple of folds, so as to go in depth with the explanations of all your diverse products. Folded leaflets are also especially suited for trade shows, since they allow for lots of information to be packed in a one not too big marketing piece.

What’s the best design for a flyer or a folded leaflet?

There are some important differences in the design process for a flyer or a folded leaflet. However, still the most important basics should be followed for both. You should strive to balance out visual elements with text. For a flyer, you can usually make one side of the flyer entirely visual, while adding more text with smaller images on the back side. For a folded leaflet, you have more freedom to add chunks of text on various pages and depending on the number of folds, you can definitely go wild with design choices. Another rule of thumb is to always design your print in CMYK colour mode to ensure that your colours will look exactly how you imagined them. In all cases, just have your customers in mind and design away!
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