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Flyer Printing

Flyers come in all shapes and sizes, but which one suits you best?
Let's Flyer away!

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5000 Flyers now for £ 47.95

A5 Flyers, Gloss Coated 135gsm

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8 Inspiring Flyer Designs

How can it be that we live in an age of digital marketing, and flyers are still one of the most preferred methods of advertising?

Well, they do a great job marketing your business just as well as a social media post. They’re also affordable, effective, and depending on your distribution strategy, can easily reach your target market. The best kinds of flyers are eye-catching, informative, and convincing.
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Grab your Sticky notes!

We know it's sometimes difficult to understand the different paper densities (GSM) and what they actually mean in reality.
To help, we've simplified this for you by measuring the thickness of each paper in sticky notes!
For each line, add a new sticky note on top and you can feel the thickness of the paper you are ordering for yourself!

135 gsm - Slim

It's a little bit thicker than one sticky note; so, it's perfect for promotional flyers that will be distributed to a large number of people.

170 gsm - Medium

Just less than two sticky notes in thickness, this paper sends a professional message and is great for trade shows and business events to impress potential clients.

250 gsm - Standard

Right in between the thickness of two and three sticky notes, this paper lets the reader know that the message printed on this paper is of importance!

400 gsm - Thick

At the thickness of four sicky notes, this paper thickness is perfect for creating a luxurious premium flyer with a bit more weight and substance.

Unleash your inner designer

Choose from one of our 1,000 attractive designs that are super easy to customise!

Give your flyers the perfect finishing touch!



Great for when you have a lot of images in your artwork to add an extra shine to your design!

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The best finish when you have a combination of text and images, as it's not too shiny so your text is still readable

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Use this when you want to make your flyer a form or writable. Keep in mind images will be slightly duller on writable paper

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High Gloss

High Gloss

Super glossy so great for when you really want to make your images come to life!

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