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Flyers and Leaflet Printing

Looking to design and print flyers online? Choose from our range of sizes and styles to create your flyer easily with Helloprint.

Free Flyer design templates for every need

Free Flyer design templates for every need

Choose from a wide range of Flyer & Leaflet templates and truly make it your own design.

It all starts with the right Flyers material!

Silk MC

Simple, yet effective. Silk paper is the classic choice for cheap flyers. Suitable for every design, print your design on this material to make the most of your marketing.


Get noticed and add a subtle sheen with our Gloss paper. This cheap material is ideal for creating vibrant and eye-catching promotional content.

Offset paper

Opt for offset paper for a standard and simple look that makes it possible to write on your leaflet. Writable offset paper is a cheap option that has a bright white colour.

Recystar Nature

Showcase your commitment to sustainability with off-white recycled flyers. Cheap and made from 100% recycled materials, they are ideal for your eco-conscious business.


Looking for a recyclable and chlorine-free flyer? Biotop is the option for you. With an off-white look and feel, this material is perfect for promoting your brand.

Paperwise Natural

With a light brown colour and a natural look and feel, this flyer is unbleached and made from agricultural waste. The ultimate flyer for businesses seeking an organic touch.

Metallic Gold

The perfect way to add a touch of class to your flyers! 100% chlorine-free, make your business stand out with unique flyer printing.

Metallic Silver

Enjoy an extravagantly professional look for your flyers. Slightly glittery, yet smooth-to-the-touch, get noticed with this chlorine-free paper.

Metallic White

Looking for a subtle way to turn heads? This material has a unique white glitter effect, perfect for promoting and making a lasting impression.

Pearl Marble

Design a high-quality flyer online with the luxurious Pearl Marble material. Its thin pearlescent finish captures light beautifully and is sure to capture your customer's attention.

Smooth Cardboard

The perfect promotional flyer! Suitable for every design and with a solid cardboard feel, this material is cheap, yet long-lasting.

Synthetic paper

Water and tear-resistant, this flyer material is long-lasting and durable. The material also boasts a bright white colour for eye-catching designs.

Frequently Asked Questions for Flyers and Leaflet printing

What are Flyers?

Flyers, also called leaflets, are versatile marketing tools used to communicate information or promote businesses, events, and services in an eye-catching way. They can help to increase sales, attract new customers, promote your services and build brand awareness. At Helloprint, you can easily create flyers for promotional purposes such as for your event. Flyers can also be used as tickets or gift vouchers as they are thin, unfolded, and easy to distribute through mailing campaigns or by hand. With affordable flyer printing, you can reach a large audience without breaking the bank.

What determines the price of my printed Flyers?

Flyer printing has become a popular marketing strategy due to its ability to generate new leads at an affordable price. This makes flyer printing a worthwhile investment, as you can easily print cheap flyers that suit your needs and help to promote your products or services.

The overall price of your flyers will vary depending on the type of paper you choose, the size of the flyer, the material of the flyer, for example, Gloss, Matte, or Uncoated, or even a special material such as Metallic Gold, the finishing of the flyer, for example, Matte Lamination, or Gold Foil and the quantity.

We offer various discounts and product specifications on our website that can help you get the best deal on our flyer price list. Our funnel on the flyer product pages is user-friendly and flexible, allowing you to personalise your specifications to fit your budget, campaign, and other needs. You can explore the different possibilities we offer on our website, including Classic Flyers, Eco Flyers, Special Material Flyers, and Special Finishing Flyers. In general, our Classic Flyers are very cheap. A5 size flyers printed on 135 gsm paper are the most cost-effective option.

What’s the difference between Flyers and Leaflets?

At Helloprint, we employ both Flyers and Leaflets within the same product group. These unfolded sheets of paper serve as effective tools for sharing information or promoting businesses or events. Some refer to them as flyers, while others prefer leaflets. To ensure clarity, we embrace both terms in our communication. It’s worth noting that Folded Leaflets are a distinct option. Folded Leaflets are usually from the same material as Flyers and Leaflets but add a fold to the paper. This format is perfect when you have a lot to communicate.

Should I choose single or double-sided for Flyer printing?

When it comes to deciding between single or double-sided printing for Flyers, it depends on the amount of information you want to convey. Single-sided Flyers are typically the cheaper option, but if you have additional information or designs that you want to showcase, double-sided Flyers offer more space to do so. At Helloprint, our double-sided flyers are similarly priced to our single-sided flyers, making them a great choice for those looking to maximise their marketing potential.
Note: It's important to remember that printing double-sided flyers with a gsm of lower than 200 can result in a level of transparency. For best results, we recommend ordering 200 gsm or more for double-sided printing.

How do I design a Flyer online for free?

With Helloprint, you can easily design a flyer online for free using our Canva integration. You can choose from over 1000 design templates that are fully customisable, or you can start from scratch. Once you have selected a template or started a new design, the Canva editor makes it easy to add your own photos or pre-designed elements. Additionally, there are hundreds of font styles to choose from, which can be combined with different styles for the best results. After you have completed your design, simply upload it to our website through the Canva integration and your flyers will be delivered in no time!

How to create an eye-catching leaflet design?

Before you begin to design your flyer or leaflet, it's important to determine the purpose of the promotional tool. Is it to promote the launch of a new event or product? To market a new service? Or perhaps to simply spread awareness of your business in general?

Once you have your goal in mind, make sure your content matches the purpose of your leaflet. Use simple and direct language that's easy to understand for everyone. Incorporate a clear call-to-action to encourage your audience to act. Do you want to spread a lot of information? Keep enough space for text on your leaflet or add a QR code to link your target group to your website. Do you really want to stand out with your leaflet design? Use a combination of vibrant colours and attractive design to draw attention.

It's important to determine the right size for your leaflet. Larger sizes are ideal for displaying on walls or in-store, while smaller sizes like A5 or A6 are great for distributing on the street or through post. Once you have chosen the size, it's time to work on the design. Find the right balance between showcasing information and highlighting graphics or photos. Be creative, but avoid overwhelming your audience with too much unnecessary content.

Finally, choose an appropriate material and finish for your leaflet. Glossy material works well for leaflets with a lot of colour and graphics, while a matte appearance is better suited for text-heavy leaflets. Consider adding a finishing touch, such as Spot UV or Gold Foil, to highlight the most important content and give your leaflet a luxurious touch.

What quantity should I choose for Leaflet printing?

The quantity of your leaflets depends entirely on the purpose of your order. If you are printing promotional leaflets, you may want to consider printing at least 5000 pieces to distribute on the street or in a mailing campaign. However, if you have a smaller, more specific audience in mind, printing 1000 leaflets may be a better fit. It's important to consider the budget you have available and the scope of your promotional campaign before deciding on the quantity of leaflets to order. If you are unsure, our team of experts can help you determine the best quantity based on your specific needs.

Can I print Flyers near me?

Tired of searching for “Flyers near me” and not finding what you need? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As an online printing company, we’re always on hand when you need printed flyers fast! We offer quick and reliable delivery and a wide range of printing services to meet your needs. Whether you need promotional flyers printed in bulk or just a small run, we've got you covered. Order now and experience the convenience of printing flyers with Helloprint!

Can I print QR codes on Flyers?

Yes, you can easily print QR codes on flyers. QR codes take interactive experiences to the next level and provide quick access to information. Qr codes most commonly lead to various online platforms such as websites, menus, social media profiles and review sites. When designing, make sure that your QR code measures minimum 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm, so it can be scanned with ease.

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  • 16.07.2021

    Repeat customer

    I have used Helloprint three times now for flyers and programmes for an amateur theatre company. Ordering the product is straightforward, reproduction is excellent and delivery always ahead of schedule. For the current programme I added extra gloss on the cover and the result is truly magnificent.

  • 5.05.2021

    Very quick and easy service

    Very quick and easy service. Whole process is relatively straightforward forward and flyers arrived earlier than predicted! Thanks!

    Sian C
  • 2.04.2021

    Love my Recycled Flyers

    Loved the fact that my flyers were made from recycled paper. Easy online process. Plus I had choices of different recycled paper. They also checked it manually for me as I wasn't sure.. nice touch! Delivery was free and very quick. Definitely use them again!

  • 17.03.2021

    Cheap but still quality

    I’ve used Helloprint a few times for various types of flyers, stickers and roller banners. I’ve had a great experience every time with the finished product being of the quality I expected for a very good price. Every item has arrived faster than their estimate too. Overall very happy and will continue to use.

  • 2.01.2021

    Absolutely fabulous!

    My second time using Hello Print and I wasn't disappointed! I ordered 500 business cards and 50 flyers on the 29th and they arrived on the 2nd, despite saying they would arrive on the 12th. High quality, super speedy, affordable, great customer service and the check was done within 5 minutes and very helpful, will definitely order again!

    Lauren Summerfield
  • 25.10.2020

    Fast turnover, good quality, no problems

    Fast turnover, use Helloprint for business cards mostly, but did other stuff aswell, like flyers or banners, never had any problems so far.

    Merdar Lucian-Pavel