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Flyer Designs

A man holding a flyer printed by Helloprint
Flyer Designs
Flyer Designs
Flyer Designs
  • A man holding a flyer printed by Helloprint
  • Flyer Designs
  • Flyer Designs
  • Flyer Designs
Submission specifications

Submitting your artwork is easy, simply follow these instructions when you design & upload the artwork. Click on an instruction for more information.

  1. Add 3 mm bleed.
  2. Keep 4 mm safety margin
  3. Use CMYK as the color mode.
  4. Resolution of at least 300 dpi.
  5. Fonts should be at least 6pt.
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Submission specifications for Flyer Designs

Add 3 mm bleed.
To allow leeway for cutting differences in production, always add a bleed of 3 mm around all edges of your design. Make sure colours, background pictures and layouts extend into the bleed area so as to avoid leaving white lines as a result of cutting tolerances.
Keep 4 mm safety margin
Keep all important text and images at least 4 mm away from the edge of the finished size.
Use CMYK as the color mode.
Prepare your files using CMYK as the color mode, not RGB. Use colormode FOGRA39 (ISO Coated v2) for coated papertypes and colormode FOGRA47 (PSO Uncoated ISO12647) for uncoated papertypes. If you are unsure of the colour mode of your file, don't worry we can always convert this for you. Keep in mind this can cause the colours to differ from the original file.
Resolution of at least 300 dpi.
Make sure the resolution of the images and graphics in your artwork are at least 300 dpi.
Fonts should be at least 6pt.
Fonts should be at least 6 pt.
Make sure the ink coverage isn't higher than 300%.
Force Color Images to CMYK with a 260% ink limit (in Photoshop > Convert Color Profile > Photoshop 5 Default CMYK). Make sure the ink coverage isn't higher than 300%.
Save your files in uneditable, print-ready file formats.
Save your files in uneditable, print-ready file formats (PDF (1.4 or higher), TIFF, EPS, JPG). Deliver your files in one layer: the background layer.
Convert fonts to outlines or embed all the fonts.
Make sure you convert fonts to outlines or embed all the fonts when saving it to PDF.
Use the right values for full color black.
Use Rich Black (C:63% M:52% Y:51% K:100%) for larger areas and text to get a deep black color. Do not use this value for text smaller than 15 pt or plain text. This can only be used in full color printing. For designing black smaller texts use 100% black.
Lines should be at least 0.25 pt.
Lines should be at least 0.25 pt. Negative lines should be at least 0.5 pt.
Check your artwork on overprint.
Make sure no elements in your artwork are set on overprint. Unless you want this effect in your design. The degree of transparency in printing depends on the ink, paper, and printing method used.
Product templates

In order to design the perfect artwork, we have created some easy templates. You will find the most popular artwork templates below. Click on the link at the bottom to see all templates.

Show all templates
Size Example Templates
A3 Portrait (297 x 420 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
A3 Landscape (420 x 297 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
A4 Portrait (210 x 297 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
A4 Landscape (297 x 210 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
A5 Portrait (148 x 210 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
A5 Landscape (210 x 148 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
A6 Portrait (105 x 148 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
A6 Landscape (148 x 105 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
A7 Portrait (74 x 105 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
A7 Landscape (105 x 74 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
US (99 x 210 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
Small square (105 x 105 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
Square Medium (148 x 148 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
Square Large (210 x 210 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
A-Long Doublesided (74 x 210 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
X-Long Doublesided (105 x 297 mm) pdf Adobe Indesign
Oval 95x145mm pdf Adobe Indesign
Frequently asked questions

You will find a summary of the most frequently asked questions for this product below.

  1. What are Flyer Designs?
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Frequently asked questions for Flyer Designs

What are Flyer Designs?
  • A flyer is a single or double sided printed sheet of paper used for advertising. Also known as a leaflet, this type of promotional printout can be ordered in multiple sizes, with A6, A5, A4, and DL being the most popular sizes in the UK. Flyer Designs are often shared for free in public spaces, either in person, or via direct-mail marketing strategies; they’re cost-effective marketing materials because they can be ordered for a reasonable price and are quick to arrange online.

  • Whether a large, medium-sized or small business, all use flyer printing for effective advertising. Increasing your sales, gaining new customers, or promoting your services relies on the awareness you raise for your brand. Flyer printing to promote product launches, services, events, charities etc. is a marketing option well known to professional businesses of all sorts, so campaigns can be created by just about anyone looking to spread the word. Unlike social media posts that people can easily scroll past, Flyer Designs are something tangible potential customers can hold in their hand and keep for later. This helps communicate your message to your target audience, especially if you have the chance to speak in person. This product is used to / as:
    • Introduce people to your business
    • Promote discounts or events
    Will my flyers be folded?
    • No, the flyers will not be folded. If you are looking for folded flyers, take a look at our folded leafets.
      Should I choose single or double sided Flyer Designs?
      • This very much depends on how much you want to communicate on your leaflets. Single sided business flyers will generally be the cheaper option. However, if you want to include additional relevant information to your flyers, double sided flyers gives you the extra space. This way you can ensure the format and design of your ad isn’t jam-packed, but also isn’t missing any crucial details. For instance, unique selling points could be emphasised on the first page, while a map for directions or contact info could make up the back.
        Which paper can I use for my flyer?
        • It’s possible to order flyers with 135gsm, 170gsm, 250gsm, or 400gsm paper. For those unaware, ‘gsm’ means grams per square meter, which refers to the weight of the paper and is indicative of its thickness. Still, which do you choose?

          135gsm is the most common choice in the UK since it’s lightweight, easy to distribute, and less prone to crinkling when compared to regular printing paper, which is about 1.5x thinner. This option is a bargain for businesses with a small marketing budget because it can be arranged at a price that’s convenient for sharing with many people without breaking the bank.

        • Flyers ordered with 170gsm paper are often the chosen for conferences and trade shows. Being about 2x thicker than regular printed paper, their sturdiness makes them an attractive option for professional gatherings.

        • 250gsm leaflets are often ordered by companies within hospitality and retail markets. This paper type is 3x the size of a sheet of printed paper, so they’ll feel extremely sturdy in the hand.

        • Last but not least, you’ve got 400gsm flyers. This is the most premium option, but can still be ordered at an affordable price range. At 4x the thickness of printing paper, this printed delight will guarantee a robust and luxurious flyer. How ever you choose to use them, anyone will recognise you’ve invested in this order, making it harder for them to throw away.
          What is the best format for my flyer ?
          • Flyer printing is possible in multiple sizes and formats to meet the communication needs of all types of organizations and businesses. However, as advertisers and professionals with commercial graphic design experience will tell you communication agencies and marketing teams usually choose the same dimensions for flyers. In particular, the A5 format is generally the standard flyer size. Either way, it’s essential to think carefully which format will best let you display images and headline text that will appeal to your target audience so that they read your ad.

          • A7: The A7 format is 74 x 105 mm and is about one eighth of an A4. This would be the smallest size we'd reccomend for printing flyers, any smaller and your target audience might miss them.

          • A6: The A6 format (size 105x148 mm) is most comparable to the size of a postcard. Though a tad smaller than your average flyer, flyers of this format can still be designed for effective event and offer communication.

          • A5: The A5 format of about 148 x 210 mm is the standard flyer size used for promotional campaigns and marketing strategies. Flyers of this size are a conveneint size for distribution too.

          • A4: The A4 format is well known for its 21 x 29.7 cm dimensions because that is the size of a standard piece of paper. This size is useful for companies, business enterprises, and local administrations with a lot of information to share. It can be useful for school leaflets for example, and they can easily be folded, put in an envelope and sent by post.

          • A3: An A3 format is closer to the size of a small poster and would be convenient to display offers or upcoming events on walls or in shop windows; they draw customer attention.

          • Square Format: This style of flyers can be used for more personal communication with potential customers. This is quite a unique format to use to share information, but they are an original and elegant choice, which can easily be transformed into invitations.

          • ALong / Xlong Format: The A-Long (74 x 210 mm) and X-Long (105 x 297 mm) format are both long and slim in appearance; they can be designed to make useful and engaging communication pieces. For example, they can be printed with illustrative details and media attractive to potential customers, who can then use them as bookmarks.

          • DL: The DL size (99 x 210 mm) is comparable to the size of an envelope. This means they can be easily tailored for direct marketing, and are convenient for advertisements or discount codes you would like to send to customers by post.
            Which production techniques do you use?
            • For the production of your Flyer Designs we use the following production technique(s):

            • Digital printing uses four colours (CMYK) with toners and inks to print digital files. This option is comparable to large home printer, and is cheaper than ‘litho’ printing for smaller quantities. This is because there are less starting costs, less components involved, and no ink drying time necessary.

            • Offset Lithography printing or Litho printing makes it possible to provide larger quantities at unbeatable prices. This technique creates images and text with wet ink and transferred to each paper sheet with aluminium and rubber plates. This method is more extensive than its 'digital’ counterpart because of the different printing materials that are used. Still, it is the most cost-effective option when you order bigger printed batches.
              What is the fastest possible delivery for my Flyer Designs?
              • With Helloprint flyers, you will be able to choose between a 1, 3, and 5 working day turnover for the majority of bespoke orders. The expected delivery date being listed at the page bottom, but keep in mind that this delivery date is subject to change if your artwork file isn’t promptly uploaded (in PDF) to your order. To avoid this, there are upload specifications and artwork guides included next to the info tab on the product page; following the pointers will ensure your file can be quickly processed. Also where a digital proof is sent but not approved, this can also result in a small delay. This is generally one business day with each production deadline that’s missed. We suggest you keep an eye on your email to make sure you have completed the steps to allow your order to go into production.
                Which carriers are used for the delivery?
                • Helloprint has organised agreements with multiple couriers to be able to deliver your orders in a fast and efficient manner. The delivery will be sent to your indicated address with DHL, UPS, or DPD and you’ll be able to follow the status of your delivery through your account. You will receive an email with a tracking link when your order is in transit, and your items will be packed and delivered according to the turnover you’ve chosen (provided there were no delays).
                  What determines the price of my printed flyers?
                  • Flyer printing gained its appeal because it is both useful for gaining new leads but doesn’t need to cost you a fortune to organise. This makes flyer printing worthwhile because they can be ordered at competitive prices. The overall price of your flyers will vary depending on the type of paper you choose, the finish of the flyer i.e. gloss, matt, or uncoated, and the quantity.
                  • At Helloprint one thing you won’t find in the price are the delivery costs. Instead, we offer free delivery on all our orders. On our site we also indicate discounted prices or product specifications that you can combine to get the best deal out of the flyer price list. This can vary from ‘recommended,’ ‘most popular’ to ‘best price’ tags to indicate the various bargain prices.
                    I can't find the product I'm looking for. Can I request a quotation?
                    • The funnel on the flyer product page is flexible and user friendly, so you’re able to personalise your specifications to fit your budget, campaign, and other needs. The possibilities we offer for business flyers are all accessible via our website, however you’re welcome to contact our customer service heroes who will be happy to see if they can help set-up your ideal order.
                    Reviews (3401)
                    I ordered some bi fold printings and… Maud Wu 29.03.2020

                    I ordered some bi fold printings and has them delivered quicker than expected! My printings were perfect and carefully folded so I am very chuffed with the end result. I will surely carry on my printing at Hello Print. Thank you so much Hello Print!

                    Lilly was so helpful in helping… lp styles 26.03.2020

                    Lilly was so helpful in helping creating an artwork for my RSVP wedding invitations with no extra costs, l was only charged for the printing. The cards are really good quality, I'm so pleased with the service, delivery was so quick provided with the COVID-19 situation.I will definitely use Hello Print again.

                    Good quality Alison 25.03.2020

                    Good quality, quick turnaround and very competitively prices. We have tried other suppliers, but always come back to Helloprint.

                    Great work Roxanne Khan 25.03.2020

                    Great work, prove and service. Thanks

                    Amazing service Shannon Fields 25.03.2020

                    Amazing service, overall a very quick an easy process on the website.- Not to mention affordable. My Products were delivered quicker then expected with the perfect results. Highly recommend!!

                    Good service with excellent staff John Williams 23.03.2020

                    Good service with excellent staff

                    VERY helpful :D Fiona Hosford 23.03.2020

                    Hello Print were recommended to me by a colleague, who didn't realise that I didn't have a design readily available to hand (as I thought I could use online templates etc on the site).. However, I especially send my applause to 'Adam' at the company, who was so helpful and patient with me as it took a few weeks for me to design something... and we got there in the end! I'd recommend this company as they were excellent to deal with - next time I'll have my designs prepared though! :D

                    My experience with Helloprint has been…excellent Vivienne Wright 23.03.2020

                    My experience with Helloprint has been excellent.Lucy Dean, Rose and Nicole have been brilliant with getting my booklet printed. They answered every email and were able to help with all my queries. Thank you

                    I am very pleased with the flyers for… Daniel Kirtland 22.03.2020

                    I am very pleased with the flyers for my Painting and Decorating business good value for money and hopefully will drum up some good business would definitely recommend

                    Excellent Ms valerie Hart 19.03.2020

                    Have already left one review. Still excellent in al respects

                    Excellent efficient service Carolyn 18.03.2020

                    Excellent efficient service, received my order very promptly, exactly when it was supposed to arrive. Excellent quality goods also.

                    Superb experience Samantha 18.03.2020

                    I ordered a vinyl banner, it was so easy to order and upload the photo, I knew instantly if it was good enough quality or not so I could adjust. It arrived really quickly and is beautiful quality. Highly recommended

                    Great product would recommend Mark 17.03.2020

                    Great product would recommend

                    I would really recommend this company Sharon 17.03.2020

                    I would really recommend this company. They were recommended to me by a friend and I was not disappointed. The ordering process was smooth then I hit a snag with the artwork (my fault) and by speaking to someone was able to resolve it. Delivery was much quicker than the expected date and the finished product was excellent

                    Excellent Advisory Services 17.03.2020

                    Been using these guys for 3-4 months and have found them excellent.

                    Having used other printers for business… H Norton 17.03.2020

                    Having used other printers for business leaflets I was quite surprised at the ease of ordering with Helloprint. I know other printers have an ease of ordering system but Helloprint takes this system one step higher, it really is a straightforward way of ordering and quicker. I was given a view of what the final print would be and a chance to change anything but it needed nothing, Hello print had it and the price right first time. I was then given a date of delivery but was surprised to have it arrive two days early, the paper used and the look of my fliers was fantastic. Very pleased with the outcome. Thank you Hello print.

                    Great product at a very reasonable… Chris Hale 14.03.2020

                    Great product at a very reasonable price. It is challenging to define digital images into printed format but these guys do a great job.

                    Fabulous product Jeanette 14.03.2020

                    Fabulous product, just what I wanted. Carefully wrapped and super fast delivery.

                    Thank you for a fast perfect order!!!! David Bowler 13.03.2020

                    Thank you for a fast perfect order!!!!

                    They have always been quick to help… Mrs E Sumner Wilson 13.03.2020

                    They have always been quick to help whenever I have had a problem with my artwork or order. The print quality is excellent I am very happy and keep coming back for them to print more!

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                    Flyer Designs

                    Make sure your brand is what is turning heads with Helloprint's affordable advertising flyers! Printed in full colour and designed for your campaign needs; produce useful printed flyers that are sure to inform and promote your business wherever it goes. Our top quality flyers are available in various useful sizes that are durable, easy to distribute, and perfect for gaining your brand some publicity. Looking for Folded flyers? Check out our range of folded leaflets.

                    • Available with next day delivery
                    • Available in various stunning paper types
                    • Best price in the United Kingdom
                    • High Quality Flyer Designs
                    • Available from just 40000 pieces
                    • Choose from over 1,000 online designs

                    1. Choose the finish for your flyer

                    The finishing of your flyer is important for the appearance. We have a number of finishes to choose from!

                    3. Choose your turnaround

                    £ 76.95 Delivered no later than Tuesday April 7 95% delivered on time
                    Upload and approve your files before tomorrow at 11:30

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                    If you want to guarantee that your package arrives on the date that you need it, we can have it delivered by a dedicated courier for an additional charge. For this, please contact us.

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