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Folded Leaflets Printing

When there's a story to be told, add an extra fold! Great for when you have additional information and a flyer just won't cut it.

  • Available in various stunning paper types
  • Available from just pieces
  • Best price in the United Kingdom

1000 Half fold leaflets now for £ 61.95

1000 half fold leaflets - our most sold selection!

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With a half fold, the paper is folded once creating four pages with more than enough room to conveniently promote your business. The sheet can be folded lengthwise or widthwise, and is divided into two equal pieces that, once folded, fit exactly together.

Most popular for informative booklets, pricelists, menus & programs

Half Fold Leaflets



A tri-fold is when you fold twice in the same direction. One part of the leaflet is folded inside the other two parts. The inside part is slightly slimmer (by 3mm) to prevent bulging once folded. The folded brochure is beautifully flat.

Most popular for takeaway menus, pricelists, company introduction leaflets, event/venue brochures

Tri-fold Leaflets



A z-fold means folding twice in the opposite direction. The three parts of the folded format are equally wide, so that the parts fall nicely over each other once the paper has been folded. These are similar to tri-fold leaflets but send a more quirky message.

Most popular for company introduction leaflets and event/venue brochures.

Z-fold Leaflets



A roll-fold is an extension of a tri-fold with an extra page, perfect for when you have a lot to say! Unroll your message with our Roll Fold leaflets and get the luxury of 8 spacious pages!

Most popular for instructional leaflets, marketing brochures, pricelists and takeaway menus.

Roll Fold Leaflets



With a cross-fold, the sheet of paper is folded twice, the second fold is perpendicular, so crosswise, on the first fold. This method of folding is often used when folding posters to a handy format. Also in newspapers you often see this ‘cross-over’ fold.

Most popular for park maps, marketing brochures, company introduction leaflets and event/venue brochures.

Cross Fold Leaflets



A w-fold is an extension of a z-fold with an extra page, also perfect for when you have more to say! Just like the z-fold all pages are of the same width.

Most popular for company introduction leaflets and event/venue brochures.

W-fold leaflets

Unleash your inner designer

Choose from one of our 1,000+ attractive designs that are super easy to customise!

Watch how to set up your artwork for every fold!

Grab your Sticky notes!

We know it's sometimes difficult to understand the different paper densities (GSM) and what they actually mean in reality.
To help, we've simplified this for you by measuring the thickness of each paper in sticky notes!
For each line, add a new sticky note on top and you can feel the thickness of the paper you are ordering for yourself!

135gsm - Slim

It's a little bit thicker than one sticky note, so perfect for promotional flyers that will be distributed to a large number of people.

170gsm - Medium

Just less than two sticky notes this paper sends a professional message and is great for trade shows and business events to impress potential clients.

250gsm - Standard

Right in between the thickness of two and three sticky notes, this paper lets the reader know that the message printed on this paper is of importance!

400gsm - Thick

At the thickness of four sticky notes, this paper thickness is perfect for creating a luxurious premium flyer with a bit more weight and substance.

Give your folded leaflets the perfect finishing touch!


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    Shelley Wilkinson-Booth
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    Monika Gorecka
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